Xbox Series X Owner Turns Console Into Doctor Who's TARDIS

If there’s anything that players enjoy more than booting up a new system like the Xbox Series X and checking through the short list of Next-Gen games available to the console, it may be putting their own mark on the shiny new piece of tech. One player in particular has given their new system and given it a Doctor Who inspired makeover to reflect the power it has to transport them to all new worlds.

This latest skin comes from Reddit user lcg22, who showed off the newly customized Xbox Series X to quite a bit of fanfare and viewers requesting where they can get a customized system of their own. Granted, owners who opted for the more affordable Xbox Series S might not be able to get exactly the same effect when trying to replicate this customization option.

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The design lcg22 created turned their Xbox Series X into a miniature T.A.R.D.I.S., reminiscent of the version from the Series 8 episode “Flatline” where the time-travel spaceship has shrunk to a comically small size. Interestingly enough, the size of the Xbox Series X actually makes it considerably larger than in the episode, though this does make the customized console more unique in a way. Either way, the design is a great way to use the boxy shape of Microsoft’s Next-Gen system that some of the major skin makers might start making for commercial use.

Viewers appreciating the look of this customized system are already asking how they can get one for their own systems, to show off similar Doctor Who flair. According to lcg22, this one comes from Decalgirl, a customizing company that makes some high-quality decals for PS5 and Xbox Series X for any players looking to add some personality to their new consoles. So, players can already pick up these T.A.R.D.I.S decals right now if they want to get a similar look for their consoles, or make a customized look to celebrate any fandom.

As Microsoft continues to update the Xbox Series X and S, players often have little input about what goes on inside the console as far as customization goes. So, skins and decals can be a big way for players to make these systems feel more like their own, even if its in a small way. It’s likely that the internet will see even more of these custom systems start popping up as more and more players get their hands on Next-Gen consoles and want to celebrate.

The Xbox Series X/S is available now while supplies last.

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