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The arrival of the Xbox Series X back in November of last year left a prominent mark on the gaming community in many ways. Once the console had officially released, it became nearly impossible to get an Xbox Series X console thanks to a combination of factors, including unprecedented demand. One of the reasons why the Xbox Series X has proven to be such a popular console is due to all of the next-generation technical features that come included with the device.

As most Xbox Series X users have undoubtedly discovered, there are a cacophony of different features the console utilizes in order to visually or technically enhance the experience of any given game. For instance, some backwards compatible Xbox games received frame rate boosts on Xbox Series X. However, it now seems that some games will also be getting new visual support.

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It was announced back in September of last year that the Xbox Series X/S would be receiving Dolby Vision support and it seems now that there are finally some games that feature this kind of support. Over on Twitter, Guy Welch, the marketing director over at Xbox, announced that some games would finally be receiving Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

The game that Welch mentioned during his announcement on Twitter that would be optimized with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos was Gears 5, but it seems as though this is just the tip of the iceberg. With so many games available to play on the Xbox Series X/S, assumedly, plenty of other games will also be receiving this kind of support.

There is already a large number of games that have been optimized for the Xbox Series X/S that players can enjoy, but now with the added Dolby Vision and Atmos support, practically all of these games will be given that kind of enhancement. Having said all this, it does seem rather odd in terms of which games on the platform get this kind of treatment and which do not.

The Xbox Series X/S supports a large variety of different titles, including backwards compatible games from previous console generations and all of the games featured on Xbox Game Pass. Not every game on the platform will be receiving this kind of support or enhancement, which could ultimately come down to hardware limitations as it applies to some games. In any case, there’s still a wide variety of games on the Xbox Series X that will be receiving Dolby Vision/Atmos support that players will be sure to enjoy.

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