Xbox Series X Boosting Frame Rates for Backward Compatible Games

Ever since its implementation during the early years of the Xbox One, Microsoft has made a major effort to turn its backward compatibility features into the definitive way to play older Xbox tiles. Today, the company has strived to build upon that sentiment, announcing that a host of games will benefit from enhanced frame rates when played on the Xbox Series X and S.

Announced via Xbox Wire, the company has designed a new feature known as FPS Boost, which will be accessible through select games when they’re played on the next-generation consoles. The feature can be toggled on and off based on the player’s desired frame rate and – while still a work in progress for a number of backward-compatible titles –  is currently available to try out via five popular Xbox One games.

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The titles in question are Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry 4, Super Lucky’s Tale, UFC 4, and Sniper Elite 4, with the games all benefitting from enhanced frame rates starting today. According to Microsoft, the titles were picked as shining examples of the potential the new feature holds, claiming they “highlight several different ways that FPS Boost can improve your experience.” Super Lucky’s Tale, for example, can now run at up to 120 FPS, while UFC 4 can manage 60 FPS, even on the Xbox Series S.

Going forward, these kinds of frame rates on previous-generation games will be much more common, with Microsoft looking to add FPS Boost to a wide variety of popular releases. It will also be implementing settings to manage and customize the frame rates of these games, with Microsoft promising an Xbox Series X Spring system update will implement compatibility options so players can alter the FPS Boost feature. It will mean users can turn it on or off, as well as adjusting auto-HDR. As of right now, players can test out the feature if they own Game Pass, with Super Lucky’s Tale and Sniper Elite 4 both coming included with the service. Going forward, Microsoft claims more Game Pass games will benefit from FPS Boost.

In other Xbox-related news, Microsoft announced a new wireless headset yesterday, aiming to offer a product with high-end features but an affordable price tag. These include noise isolation on the microphone, 3D spatial audio, and party chat that remains clear even in a low-latency setting. It’s priced at $99 and will officially be available to purchase in March this year. The company also announced new games would be debuting on Game Pass, with Dirt 5, Elite Dangerous, and Wreckfest all launching on the service later this month.

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Source: Xbox Wire