Xbox Mobile App Adding Achievements and Other Missing Features

The Xbox Mobile App allows players to do a bevy of things alongside their gaming device, whether that be the now last-gen Xbox One or the Xbox Series X|S. But there are some features that have been missing that fans have been asking for. Thankfully, just like most of the Xbox platform and services, it looks like the app is continuing to evolve.

Xbox director of project management Jason Ronald recently joined Major Nelson’s podcast to discuss all things Xbox. Major Nelson recently celebrated his twentieth year with Microsoft and often brings in big names on his Xbox podcast. In discussing the Xbox mobile app with Major Nelson (whose real name is Larry Hryb), Jason Ronald confirmed that achievements will return to the mobile app in “the coming months.”

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Ronald says that he and the Xbox team have heard the feedback from fans in regards to what is still missing from the Xbox app. While it is very nice to be able to change a gamerpic from the Xbox mobile app, for example, fans have been clamoring for the ability to track achievements properly from the app. Ronald says this is something that will be able to be done with an update soon.

Other priorities, even outside of the Xbox mobile app, include Game DVR and Quick Resume feature improvements, according to Ronald. With the app, the team seems to want to focus on making it a go-to place for gamers as not only a second screen device while playing the console, but also something to go to and rely on while not near an Xbox at the moment. Currently, the ability to pre-download Xbox games from the Xbox mobile app is a great example of a feature that makes the app one that players can depend on.

There are many features of the Xbox mobile app, like instantly being able to view and share screenshots that were captured on the Xbox Series X|S. Remote Play is also something that the app can do, allowing players to enjoy gaming from the comfort of a mobile device streaming directly off of an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. That is totally different from Xbox Game Pass on mobile, which allows players to stream and play games directly from the cloud. Recently, Xbox cloud games have added touch controls as well, on top of letting gamers play using a standard controller. Xbox seems to pride itself in being a company that is consumer-friendly and one with options. It will be interesting to see how the Xbox family of apps continue to evolve.

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Source: Major Nelson