Xbox Is Emphasizing Preserving Gaming Icons and Classics

Xbox is working towards preserving decades’ worth of gaming for its community. While many wonder if subscription services and cloud gaming will hurt gaming preservation, Xbox is making it clear that gaming and preservation of it is here to stay.

The focus at Xbox has become clear over the past few years, especially over the second half of the Xbox One’s lifecycle and leading up to the Xbox Series X|S launch; Xbox is about being consumer-friendly. When Major Nelson recently celebrated his 20th year with Xbox, he shared that a core value of the company is to “always fall on the side of the customer.” With a recent tweet, Xbox shared that it is doing just that, as it explained that it is working hard towards preserving decades worth of video games for its community.

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Recently an Xbox and Nintendo fan on Twitter posted a simple tweet congratulating the Xbox team for its hard work on Xbox Game Pass ultimate. A massive backward compatible update came to Xbox Game Pass that allows players to enjoy games like Perfect Dark, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Banjo-Kazooie, Fable, Gears of War, or Viva Pinata from the comfort of their phone from the cloud at no extra cost. This consumer-friendly move is a value-proposition enhancement that cannot be denied, and Xbox responded right back to this Twitter user (which again also builds on community development).

In the tweet reply, Xbox made it clear that video game preservation of games old and new is more important than ever. While there could be a fear that an original Xbox game could one day be lost for good, Microsoft is working towards making those games available to play thanks to subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass and the cloud with Xbox Cloud Gaming. So whether it be someone playing classic games for the first time or nostalgically reliving the past, Xbox wants to “ensure gaming icons and classics are preserved for new and old players alike.”

While Microsoft is throwing shade at Sony for closing its online stores for its older consoles–meaning classic games are no longer available–Xbox continues to seemingly make an effort to ensure that backward compatibility is a very important issue. Whether it be Xbox Game Pass and the cloud or literally inserting original select Xbox game discs into the Xbox Series X drive, Microsoft is putting its money where its mouth is. It is preserving games old and new, and that is certainly something that is both exciting and relieving for video game enthusiasts.

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