Xbox Console Exclusive Quantum Break is Now 5 Years Old

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break released in 2016 as an Xbox exclusive. The game is now five years old, and the developers–along with the fans–are celebrating the unique science-fiction action-adventure game.

Quantum Break released to generally favorable reviews five years ago, as the time-bending action mixed with live-action cutscenes helped set the game apart. The developer has worked hard on developing games since Quantum Break, including 2019’s Control, but many have a soft spot for Quantum Break.

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Lennie Hakola, a senior producer over at Remedy Entertainment, recently tweeted out a celebratory post about the game that Hakola claims he poured everything into. Remedy Entertainment has always been thankful to its fans in regard to Quantum Break and its games, and Hakola says that Quantum Break, in particular, is a game that will always be dear to him.

There are quite a few fans celebrating the five-year anniversary of Quantum Break. Many believe that the game is underrated, which may be true, as it is likely not considered the top Remedy Entertainment game. But even next to the likes of Max Payne, Alan Wake, and now Control, Quantum Break stands out as a unique and special title.

The Game Awards also jumped in on the celebration on Twitter. Although Quantum Break did not take home The Game Awards trophies as Control did, it still reviewed rather well and was appreciated.

As far as what is next for Remedy Entertainment, the developer is currently working on CrossfireX alongside Smilegate Entertainment. Just like Quantum Break, the game will be an Xbox exclusive, landing on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Remedy Entertainment is working on the campaign in the game with the Northlight engine, which was also used for Quantum Break. Smilegate, meanwhile, is handling the multiplayer.

The game that many fans are looking to Remedy Entertainment to develop, however, is Alan Wake 2. Remedy Entertainment has had a strong relationship with Xbox, and it seems like the right timing to bring back Alan Wake; the adventure survival horror game. Even the recent massive success of Xbox Game Pass lends itself to Alan Wake 2, where Remedy Entertainment could develop the game and Xbox could publish it and allow it to be available on day one on the service. But Remedy Entertainment also did very well for itself financially with Control and having the game be available on as many platforms as possible. It is likely that the team is working on something right now other than CrossfireX, and fans could find out more about that soon.

Quantum Break is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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