Xbox Acquisition of Techland and Dying Light 2 Hinted at by Leakers

This past year Microsoft made its largest gaming-related acquisition yet, picking up ZeniMax Media and its subsidiaries like Bethesda. It was just the latest in a string of high-profile studio acquisitions to bolster the Xbox Series X’s future gaming line-up. Yet even as the ZeniMax deal was being finalized, Microsoft made clear it would continue to aggressively pursue future acquisitions. And a new leak may reveal that Microsoft’s next target is the Poland-based team at Techland.

As many are aware, rumors of Microsoft’s effort to acquire a studio from Poland have been swirling in late 2019. No acquisitions or specific studios were mentioned along the way, however. Now the rumor has returned with a clear focus.

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YouTuber Jeremy “ACG” Penter claimed on the Defining Duke podcast that Microsoft is seeking to purchase a 2021 video game exclusive. In the process of doing so, Microsoft would also acquire the developer/publisher. ACG, however, doesn’t outright say Techland specifically.

The additional detail comes instead from a second insider/leaker who goes by Shpeshal Ed on Twitter. Shpeshal Ed says that after “digging around” they found out that ACG is talking about Techland. The video game ACG refers to is also said to be Dying Light 2. Shpeshal Ed does not make this claim with certainty, it must be made clear.

The rumor, in summary, is that Microsoft is in pursuit of or has already made a deal to acquire Techland and perhaps a console exclusivity deal for Dying Light 2 in the process. The leaks do not make it clear whether Microsoft is still pursuing a deal or if a deal has already been made. Finally, these leaks offer no sources or compelling evidence of their leaks. ACG’s predictions have a mixed track record, but Shpeshal Ed has made several accurate leaks in the past.

Perhaps not coincidentally, there are other rumors that could be tied to this acquisition, if it’s accurate. For example, in January Techland mentioned that Dying Light 2 news would be coming soon. Another rumor says that there is an as-yet-unannounced Xbox event mid-February.

For the time being, Xbox and Dying Light fans would be best served to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism. It’s likely that Microsoft will make further acquisitions down the road, but not every rumor or supposed leak is going to be accurate. If Dying Light 2 news really is coming soon, fans will know the truth about a Techland acquisition in a matter of weeks or months.

Dying Light 2 is currently in development.

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