WWE 2K News Teased For WrestleMania Weekend


After the technical disaster that was WWE 2K20, the annual sports franchise took a break. Last year, in its place, came WWE 2K Battlegrounds. That game was a cartoony and over the top take with many of the company’s top stars of past and present. Now WrestleMania weekend is almost here, and it seems 2K is teasing something.

On the official 2K Twitter, it’s been teased that WWE 2K fans should be watching WrestleMania weekend. Much like last year, this time WrestleMania will be split into two shows over the course of Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th. The obvious expectations is that we’ll see the reveal of WWE 2K22 with positioning it alongside WrestleMania to get the most eyeballs on it. Unless they are once again skipping a year, but that seems unlikely.

Not much is known at this time about what plans are in the works for WWE 2K22 now that Yuke’s has moved on and Visual Concepts has fully taken over development of the title. Seems we may not have to wait too much longer to get a glimpse of whatever it’ll look like.