World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Top 7 Game Breaking Glitches

World of Warcraft is a very old game, and it seems that with every new update something older gets broken. While the code has been re-written and graphics have been upgraded massively since the early days, there are still a lot of bugs that spring up for many players. Some of these bugs are game-breaking, and either require a simple re-log-in or worse, assistance from support.

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There have been many infamous bugs in World of Warcraft‘s history, and in the most recent expansion Shadowlands there are still lots of bugs that as of yet have not been fixed. While some of the glitches might cause issues with your game, luckily none are quite so devastatingly world-breaking as the Corrupted Blood incident, thankfully.

7 Stonehead’s Throw Is A Little TOO Powerful

In Revendreth, as part of the Shadowlands starting questline, the player must find their way into the Ember Ward through the gargantuan guardian Stonehead. He doesn’t think the player is a “bad guy” and makes them forge a condemning letter before letting them pass.

When the player returns to Stonehead, he will throw them into the Ember Ward. Usually, this doesn’t cause issues when completing the quest for the first time. However, if players come back later on to check in on Stonehead, he will once again throw them into the Ember Ward and usually crash the World of Warcraft client at the same time as the player’s landing.

6 Everybody’s Talking About This New Way Of Walking

Perhaps the most infamous glitch to come out of Shadowlands yet is the upper body freezing glitch. For reasons unknown, the player’s character model will sometimes freeze with their arms held firmly at their sides. The character’s legs will still move, but hilariously the upper body will remain frozen no matter what interactions the player has.

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For instance, a Human dancer will thrust their hips forward with none of the additional disco moves. It’s a hilarious glitch with no real effect on gameplay, and for all it’s worth, having the character model freeze with their arms at their sides is a lot nicer than T-posing.

5 Kyrian Flight Point Takes You To… Sentinel Hill?

For a time, there was a glitch with the flight points in Bastion that would teleport players out of the Shadowlands and back into Azeroth. Now, the Maw Walker has a lot of special abilities with regards to the Shadowlands, but this was something different.

Players who were victims of this glitch fell through the world when landing at the flight point – but they didn’t die, they were transported to Sentinel Hill in Westfall or The Crossroads in The Barrens. In the past, the World of Warcraft client teleported characters who glitched out of the world to these locations, and it appears that code is still in place.

4 Flight School Doesn’t Register Every Jump

Flight School is a new world quest introduced in Shadowlands in Bastion, and while it has a fun premise, it’s proven to be a source of misery for many a player. There are two Flight School world quests – one is to fly to a location by jumping on flowers with wings, or complete a level of a Flappy Bird-inspired minigame.

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However, the time it takes for the character to jump after pressing the button in the Flappy Bird minigame is vast. Some players say it takes up to a full second for the button press to register in-game. On the Flight School quests that require the player to jump on flowers and fly upwards, sometimes the boosts don’t register and the player falls slowly through instead.

3 Wandering Ancient Pinecones… Everywhere…

The Wandering Ancient mount was a special mount that was voted to be included in the game by the community before the launch of Shadowlands. The mount was finally added for every player who had Shadowlands on their account recently, and it’s been nothing but trouble.

Aside from city hubs becoming full of the gigantic tree mount, it also leaves behind litter. If the standing animation for the Wandering Ancient is canceled, the pinecones and debris it shakes off won’t despawn off the ground – and other players can see it too.

2 Mind Control Teleports Players All Over The Place

The Shadow Priest specialization in Shadowlands is one of the most fun to play for its complex rotation and high potential for greatness in the hands of a skilled player. One thing Shadowlands also did for Shadow Priests is it added a teleportation bug to their Mind Control ability.

If the Shadow Priest uses Mind Control on an enemy player, even in a battleground, that enemy player will glitch out and start teleporting all over the map. While the player doesn’t actually teleport (from their point of view), they appear to be blinking rapidly both to the Shadow Priest and their teammates.

1 Devos Has A Secret Weapon: Latency

Devos, Paragon of Doubt, is the final boss of the Spires of Ascension dungeon in Bastion. Devos plays a major role in the story of Bastion and is a head figure of the Forsworn. In her fight, players must equip a special spear that must be thrown precisely at Devos to bring her down during a special phase.

This is a tricky endeavor, though, as many players have reported not being able to hit Devos thanks to the game not registering the hit. Videos show players who precisely hit Devos, in multiple different difficulties, and yet she doesn’t come down from above. It’s a latency-related glitch that has the chance to ruin a Mythic+ run of the Spires.

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