World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Player Recreates Elysian Hold in Minecraft

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands nearly reaching four months since its release, the playerbase continues coming back to the eighth expansion for Blizzard’s iconic MMORPG. On the other hand, Minecraft still holds a reputation as one of the greatest titles ever made because of the ability to recreate masterpieces in-game. It may have taken a while, but one player has finally managed to remake one of the Shadowlands’ most frequented areas in Minecraft.

Though World of Warcraft has been recreated in Valheim and other mediums, the growing complexity has made large-scale projects focusing on newer areas more tedious than ever. Thankfully, Minecraft’s 3D sandbox gameplay remains perfectly suited to the task and building these tributes piece-by-piece. Plenty of Warcraft zones are already immortalized in this fashion, but the latest addition to the list recreates one of the four Covenant sanctums.

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On the official World of Warcraft subreddit, user WinzuMonk shared his faithful recreation of Elysian Hold in Bastion. Home to members of the Kyrian covenant, it remains one of the most memorable locations thanks to its distinct architecture floating in the sky. While some players may have ultimately picked another covenant during their adventures in the Shadowlands, they should still recognize the sanctum upon seeing its Minecraft version.

At first glance, heroes will definitely notice some differences between the original Elysian Hold and WinzuMonk’s interpretation such as the night sky instead of daytime. However, there are also notable subzone details such as the various staircases to different sections and Archon’s Rise where Kyrestia the Firstborne normally resides. Most importantly, the Crest of Ascension which played a major role in the Kyrian covenant campaign is located front and center from the snapshot.

Interestingly, the night sky present in Minecraft’s Elysian Hold version can be achieved in World of Warcraft with the use of specific toys or items such as the Inky Black Potion. At the same time, it offers a possible glimpse of what could happen if the Jailer truly does break free and invades or pulls other realms like Bastion into the Maw during a future content patch.

In the end, WinzuMonk’s work received compliments from many other players who noted they should try recreating it in Valheim next. The resulting thread also drew in other community members who are aspiring to make their own Minecraft editions of zones like Revendreth or older raids like Ulduar. While the remaining covenant sanctums may be harder to recreate, it seems inevitable that fans will manage to do so by the end of Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available on PC. Minecraft is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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