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Reservoir Anima in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a resource that can be used with each Covenant for various rewards. These rewards are mostly cosmetic, including new weapon effects, pets, mounts, and even starter endgame gear. Anima can be harvested in a number of ways and amassed in droves if one uses the right tactics, but ultimately it won’t provide a benefit to your character in combat. It’s a system that represents the healing of the Shadowlands in-game and also provides unique bonuses for each Covenant.

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There are a lot of ways to get Anima in Shadowlands, but some are much less effective than others. For instance, one should always avoid doing random Heroic dungeons and instead go for Mythic Keystone dungeons for the maximum rewards. It’s best to farm Anima from multiple places at the same time, like doing World Quests while queuing, to minimize time spent farming and maximize the harvest.

5 Kill The Weekly World Bosses And Complete Weekly Quests

Every week, after the Weekly Reset, a world boss will spawn in one of the Shadowlands zones and initiate a special weekly World Quest. The World Quest usually can only be completed with a raid-sized party, as there are sometimes prerequisites (like parties of elites) who spawn before the boss fight begins. These are much more than just your typical rare, these weekly world bosses are proper bosses that might require some coordination to down.

In addition to the weekly world bosses, there are some weekly and daily quests that reward Anima too. For instance, there is a quest in Maldraxxus at the Theater of Pain titled “Always Bet On Yourself.” This quest is repeatable every day, and tasks the player with defeating one of four specific opponents in the Theatre of Pain (not the dungeon, the outdoor area). Another quest to keep an eye on is the weekly “Trading Favors” and “A Valuable Find” quests for dungeons in the Shadowlands. These quests reward five Anima Tokens for 175 Anima in total, as well as reputation.

4 Complete World Quests That Award Three To Four Anima Tokens

World Quests in World of Warcraft Shadowlands are nothing new – they’ve been a mainstay of the game’s endgame for a few expansions now, but their rewards are updated for the new expansion. In addition to gold, reputation, gear, and pet tokens, players can receive Anima Tokens as a reward for several World Quests. Pay close attention, though, because some World Quests don’t reward enough Anima to make them worth the time investment.

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Look in all four zones for World Quests that grant three to four Anima Tokens total. Some World Quests only offer a measly one or two Anima Tokens (35 or 70 total, respectively) and really aren’t worth the effort of going out of the way for. The World Quests that offer three or four are much better deals, rewarding 105 and 140 total Anima, respectively. This is especially nice when many Anima tokens are assigned to an easy World Quest, and they can be completed while queuing or waiting for a party to form.

3 Run Low-Level Mythic Keystone Dungeons

The end bosses of Mythic dungeons will always grant a decent amount of Anima as a reward for downing them. Anywhere from two to four Anima Tokens is most common, but some have received only one. Nevertheless, a random Heroic dungeon (using the dungeon finder) only grants 35 each time and only grants a reward once per day.

On the other hand, Mythic Keystone dungeons have the same rewards for each run, including both Anima rewards and the chance to get good gear. The difficulty increase means that the dungeon might take a few more minutes, but it’s much more efficient than spamming normal and regular level dungeons. Plus, Mythic Keystone dungeons will still yield quest rewards for the weekly dungeon quests “Trading Favors” and “A Valuable Find”.

2 Open Chests And Kill Rares While Doing Daily Callings

Daily Covenant Callings appear at a rate of once each day and will stay for three days or until the player completes them. These Calling quests take the player all over the Shadowlands to complete World Quests, defend the realms of the Shadowlands, delve into dungeons or collect Coins of Brokerage from rares. These Callings are a guide, in a way, to the rest of the content you might be missing out on by sticking with one Covenant.

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While completing these Callings, keep an eye on your map for rare enemies and treasures that can be opened nearby. Rares and treasures both yield small Anima tokens worth 5 Anima each, usually in quantities anywhere from two to six (10 to 30). It’s not a lot, but with consistent treasure hunting and rare killing, this becomes very efficient. Be sure to casually look at the map every once in a while and take a detour for these special rewards.

1 Run Castle Nathria At Least Once Each Week

Castle Nathria is the only available endgame raid available currently in Shadowlands. While 9.1 will add The Sanctum of Domination raid, Castle Nathria is the current best bet for players looking to rapidly upgrade their gear and pick up a sizable chunk of Anima each week.

Every boss, when killed for the first time each week, will drop 3 Anima Tokens, except for the Stone Legion Generals and Denathrius who drop 5 each. Considering that there are 10 bosses in Nathria, a full run of the raid will yield 1,190 Anima (105 from the first eight bosses each, 340 from the final two bosses). This is true even on Raid Finder difficulty, so be sure to set aside a few hours once a week to do a full clear of the raid and give yourself a huge boost to your Covenant’s reservoir.

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