Wolfenstein: Youngblood – 10 Best Abilities In The Game (& When They Are Unlocked)

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an FPS that released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in July 2019 (and Google Stadia in November 2019). The story follows twin sisters Jessie and Zofia Blazkowicz as they fight Nazis in Paris, France in an alternate reality in the 1980s. In addition to classic guns, the duo also uses cool gadgets and nifty abilities to win the war.

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The game features a system where the player invests ability in three different kinds of skill trees: Mind, Muscle, and Power. Through Mind, they benefit from things like more health, armor, ammo, and movement. Through Muscle, the player can carry heavy weapons or dual-wield, in addition to other upgrades. Through Power, they can force their way through the battlefield and take enemies head-on.

10 Bullet God

If the player equips the God Key, they can collect incoming bullets and then fire them back via the Bullet God ability. It is unlocked after completing the Siegturm mission.

The only alternative to dodging bullets (save for just getting hit with them) is sucking them out of thin air. Going off that, the player can run around the battlefield grabbing bullets and then throwing them back. They can get closer and closer to the enemy with reflection until it is time to blast them to death. It also conserves ammo.

9 Grenade God

If the player equips the God Key, they can catch incoming grenades and then throw them back via the Grenade God ability. It is unlocked at Level 10 and costs two ability points.

What the player does not want to do is waste their grenades. They are (literally) a hot commodity. So instead of running away from explosions, the player can field bombs before they even go off and launch them right back at the opponent. They will conserve their reserves too, as long as the aim is on point (since grenades can and will hurt anyone in the vicinity of the blast).

8 6-Point Blade Belt

If the player has the 6-point Blade Belt ability, their maximum carrying capability of throwable melee weapons goes up from three to six. It is unlocked at Level 20 and costs two ability points.

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The only thing better than three knives is four. What’s better than four? Five. And finally, the only way to top five knives is six. Instead of disappearing forever after use like grenades, projectiles such as Throwing Knives can be picked up after puncturing enemies (and especially making them bleed out to death). So, the player can essentially constantly unleash waves of swords and then pick them all up and repeat…over, and over.

7 Secrets Collector

If the player has the Secrets Collector ability, collectibles such as silver coin crates and floppy disks will appear on their minimap. It is unlocked at Level 30 and costs three ability points.

For completionists, this is a no-brainer. But even for regular players, there are so many collectibles all over the place in the game; they are worth picking up because each gives some experience. In fact, there are 277 collectibles: 25 concept arts, 80 readables, 34 floppy disks, 41 cassette tapes, 72 pairs of glasses, and 25 UVK covers.

6 Stalker

If the player has the Stalker ability, they will move faster while crouching. It is unlocked at Level 10 and costs two ability points.

The bad thing about sneaking around while crouching is how slow it gets for the player. The good thing about this is they are not as slow anymore. Therefore, the player can continue playing the game like a ninja without the drawback of how boring it could get creeping around trying to stay out of sight from enemies.

5 Dual-Wielder

If the player has the Dual-Wielder ability, they can dual-wield one-handed firearms (use two at the same time, one in each hand). It costs three ability points.

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For example, the first weapon given to the player, the Maschinenpistole, can be dual-wielded with another sidearm. While rifles and flamethrowers and laser guns and shotguns and other two-handed weapons do more damage, they also cannot be dual-wielded. So, two pistols (or submachine guns) are better than one.

4 Supersoldat Hunter

If the Supersoldat Hunter ability is enabled, the player can silently takedown Supersoldatens, which are the heavily armored Nazi enemies. It costs three ability points.

Usually, the go-to method is for players to kill all the ordinary soldiers (or at least as many as possible) in the room before taking on the Supersoldat. This is because they are serious threats and will overwhelm the player if given the chance. But, if they are stealthy enough, they can take out the Supersoldat in one shot without even being seen.

3 Extreme Gun Pocket

If the player has the Extreme Gun Pocket ability, they can place heavy weapons in their inventory and even upgrade them. It is unlocked at Level 20 and costs six ability points.

There are plenty of heavy weapons available for the taking on the battlefield, such as turrets that can be broken off or even the Uberhammer. On top of allowing storage of these deadly tools of destruction, the player can upgrade them too. They can store and tinker around with a bunch of them and then unleash them when it comes to more difficult fights like bosses.

2 Brawler

If the Brawler ability is enabled, the player can use Crush abilities on heavily armored enemies. It is unlocked at Level 10 and costs two ability points.

The player needs Crush for this ability to even work but it allows them to mow down bigger enemies instead of just smaller ones. What is nice about knocking into opponents is that it stuns them briefly, allowing the player to either deal damage without being shot back or escape entirely.

1 Side Dasher

If the player strafes sideways, they will be able to perform a quick dash either left or right via the Side Dasher ability. It costs two ability points.

Sometimes there are no walls or other coverage options available in fights and the player must dodge in and out of bullet storms. Being able to dash during combat (in addition to jumping and sliding, of course) maximizes the player’s agility.

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