Why Thymesia is One to Watch for Bloodborne and Dark Souls Fans

Dark Souls fans have really been hoping to see something more from FromSoftware in the Soulsborne department. Unfortunately for them, FromSoftware seems to be pretty focused on new IPs right now, so there hasn’t been any sign of Dark Souls 4 or a Bloodborne 2despite the overwhelming success of those games. While it’s nice to see FromSoftware try new things and expand its scope, it can be hard for Soulslike players to find new games that truly scratch the same itch. It seems like OverBorder Studio is trying to satisfy this audience with its upcoming title Thymesia.

Thymesia came out of nowhere in a sudden March announcement. However, that isn’t too surprising, since OverBorder is an independent studio that doesn’t exactly have the clout to tease its work, even with the help of accomplished publisher Team17. However, as the Thymesia trailers get passed around, they’re exciting a lot of Dark Souls and Bloodborne fans. The game seems to be taking strong inspiration from the Soulsborne games, and it might just be the game this community is looking for while FromSoftware takes a crack at some other games. Thymesia is a ways away, but that shouldn’t stop Soulsborne fans from getting excited.

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There’s a lot of elements of Thymesia that seems to have taken heavy inspiration from Dark Souls and Bloodborne. For one thing, movement seems crucial in Thymesia. The player character Corvus has to use his dashes and well-timed parries to survive combat, not unlike the constant evading, rolling, and parrying of Dark Souls fame. The game’s Gothic and medieval set design seem lifted directly from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, not to mention Thymesia‘s bosses. The hulking monsters and the twisted armored figures showcased in Thymesia‘s promotional material so far wouldn’t seem out of place at all in any given Dark Souls game.

However, Thymesia shouldn’t just interest Soulslike fans because of what it has in common with FromSoftware’s work — they should also be drawn to what sets the game apart. The game’s combat revolves heavily around Corvus’ ability to manifest diseases as oversized spectral weapons. That’s a unique and pretty compelling take on combat and magic that gives Thymesia‘s setting some good means to stand out. It also seems that players don’t create their own character in Thymesia. Instead, it’s up to them to discover Corvus’ story. That heavy narrative focus on the protagonist might be a nice reprieve from Dark Souls‘ style of storytelling.

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Thymesia wouldn’t be special if it was just trying to be a near-perfect replica of Dark Souls. Plenty of other games have tried to make their own spiritual successors to the Dark Souls line of games. What’s interesting about Thymesia is that it seems to have its own story to tell. While clearly it owes a lot to FromSoftware’s work, OverBorder Studios seems determined to create a unique setting and make Thymesia memorable in its own right — not just as another Soulslike game to play while waiting for FromSoftware to continue its franchise.

OverBorder Studios’ identity as an indie developer also can’t be written off. Indie studios have long been credited for being some of the most innovative groups in the industry, willing to take risks and push boundaries in all kinds of genres. There might be lots of exciting things about Thymesia that fans haven’t even seen yet that could leave a mark on the Soulslike genreThymesia is still many months away from release, so there’s definitely a lot more that its potential fans have yet to learn about the game. Still, considering what OverBorder has presented so far, there’s lots of cause to be optimistic about Thymesia.

Thymesia will release for PC later this year.

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