Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is undoubtedly Smash’s definitive version, featuring all previous characters from previous titles, introducing long-awaited characters such as Ridley and Banjo & Kazooie, and also bringing some unexpected surprises such as Final Fantasy 7’s Minecraft Steve and Sephiroth.

A new feature known as Spirits, the battle-aiding power-ups that have represented several series in Super Smash Bros., was introduced by the latest iteration of Smash. Ultimate. Absolute. When it comes to Spirits, many fans have preferred two things, the first is that if a character not yet available as a playable fighter already has a Spirit in Ultimate, that Spirit is their Smash representation and thus prevents them from being added as DLC. The second Spirit fan rule is that a character whose series has already had a Spirit Board event is also ruled out, as Ultimate seems to hold off on releasing series’ Spirit Board events for when a new series ‘DLC fighter is introduced to the game.

The portrayal of Impa in the Smash series has been quite dispersed, not even getting anything in the series so much as an Assist Award. Different versions of Impa from Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time appeared in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U as trophies in the game, effectively excluding the character from being added as a DLC. Super Smash Bros. in Ultimate, Impa was added as a Spirit from Ocarina of Time, and while that initially deconfirmed the character for some fans, hope was restored when Min Min gracefully violated the first fan law of Spirit. But now it appears that, thanks to the second Spirit fan rule, Impa’s chances may take a major blow again.