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Each generation of Pokemon introduces a variety of monsters that brim with personality. In the most recent Sword and Shield games, they range from the meek Sobble to the malicious Grimmsnarl. With nearly 900 individual Pokemon in total, trainers should have no problem finding a team that best suits both their playstyle and personality.

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Some Pokemon fit their trainers so well, in fact, that they could very well serve as astrological twins. While the eighth generation doesn’t have any scales or centaurs running around in the wild, each zodiac sign finds some representation in its own way. Trainers may find a lot of common ground with some unexpected Pokemon when reviewing their own star charts.

12 Aries: Cinderace

The Aries sign is all about ambition, energy, and competition. These traits perfectly fit the sporty attitude of Cinderace. Much of the Scorbunny line exhibits Aries qualities, but Cinderace encompasses them the most. Based on professional soccer players, Cinderace’s strength and speed reflect the Aries’ confidence and relative impatience. Cinderace and Aries also share a strong capability of supporting their teammates, though they can make impulsive decisions just as often. Most fittingly, Aries is a Fire sign, and Cinderace is a Fire-type Pokémon.

11 Taurus: Dubwool

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Taurus signs are known for their patience and down-to-earth personality. Though sometimes stubborn and materialistic, they are also dependable and hard-working. Dubwool, the Sheep Pokemon, boast a high defense stat that enables them to endure incoming attacks in a similar stubborn-yet-dependable way. Another Taurus trait is a gravitation toward physical touch, as well as beauty thanks to the ruling planet being Venus. Dubwool’s luxurious wool matches both of these criteria surprisingly well.

10 Gemini: Drakloak

The social Gemini rarely goes through life alone, so it makes sense to have a companion in the afterlife, too. In a similar way, the ghostly Drakloak floats about with a fellow Dreepy riding on its head. According to the Pokédex, were this Dreepy ever to get lost, the Drakloak would scramble to find a surrogate.

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Gemini also get praise for their adaptability, which Drakloak reflects with its versatile stat spread and move pool. Leave it to a two-in-one Pokemon to represent the “Twins” Sun sign!

9 Cancer: Polteageist

As a Sun sign, Cancer represents a nurturing and caring soul, but only for those who show those qualities in return. Polteageist operates in a similar way; they only allow trainers to drink their tea when they have developed a close trust. The teapots they hide in reflect the guarded fronts some Cancers put up in the presence of those they deem suspicious. Polteageist also possesses black tea, similar to the way many born under Cancer feel at home near the water.

8 Leo: Calyrex

When it comes to Sun signs, none love praise in quite the same way as a Leo. So who better to represent them than the exalted King Pokemon, Calyrex? Both are natural leaders and are known for their generosity. In the past, Calyrex showed the people of the Crown Tundra much generosity by growing crops and tending to the sick. Of course, both Calyrex and the typical Leo share a desire for admiration that borders on self-centeredness. Still, their knack for problem-solving and rallying others to their cause is something to commend.

7 Virgo: Nickit

Nothing is more meticulous than a Nickit trying to pull of the perfect robbery. After making a solid plan of action, this sly little fox will take what it desires and use its tail to brush away any tracks it leaves behind.

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In this way, Nickit is the perfect stand-in for Virgo. Virgos are incredibly detail-oriented, to the point that they may worry over rather petty things. Not only that, but they value cleanliness and prefer to work behind the scenes. Of course, these comparisons don’t necessarily mean that all Virgos are thieves.

6 Libra: Dottler

Not too many Pokemon represent balance to the same degree as Libra, but this radar bug is a close fit symbolically. Libras spend much of their time observing the world around them and using their sharp intellect to make assessments on people and situations. Dottler’s Psychic typing comes into play most here, as it uses its abilities to monitor its environment. It also “balances” its weaker offensive stats with bulky defenses. Libras can be indecisive, however, Dottler’s shell reflects this by being overly heavy and encumbering its movements.

5 Scorpio: Zarude

Scorpios get a bad reputation for being aggressive, much like the Rogue Monkey Pokemon. And being a mythical Pokemon tucked away in the jungle, Zarude also represents the secretive side of Scorpio. However, friends of this Sun sign know that they are also extremely caring and look out for their companions. Zarude plays this role prominently in the most recent Pokemon movie, which shows it caring for a human child. The Pokédex also states that vines from Zarudes body can fall off and nourish the forest floor.

4 Sagittarius: Mr. Rime

Despite being a Fire sign, the Ice-type Mr. Rime best represents Sagittarius. Not only do both have a renowned sense of humor, but they also love to travel and have an abundance of enthusiasm.

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Mr. Rime tap-dances wherever it goes, so it needs a lot of space to roam. This embodies the Sagittarius propensity towards personal freedom and experiencing the world at large. Extroverted to a fault, expect Sagittarius to make a lot of friends through their ambition and drive. Perhaps a Mr. Rime will join them in their comedy routine, as well!

3 Capricorn: Runerigus

The typical Capricorn is pragmatic and makes realistic goals for themselves. Their grounded personality befits their being an Earth sign, as does Runerigus being a Ground-type. Runerigus is a spirit inside of a stone slab, which serves as a representation of Capricorn’s rigidity and stubbornness. Its status as the Grudge Pokemon works especially well here, as Capricorns have a hard time forgiving others. Regardless, both Runerigus and Capricorns are good to have on one’s side.

2 Aquarius: Hatenna

Hatenna is a rather introverted Pokemon that only warms up to trainers with calm dispositions. While Aquarius tend to like socializing, they also need time to themselves to recharge, and don’t respond well to strong emotional expressions. In fact, all of the Hatenna line work well in this regard. Aquarius also has a hard time with feeling constrained, which becomes a factor with Hatterene’s Gigantamax form and its “princess in a tower” theming. Being an Air sign makes them deep thinkers, as well, which fits Hatenna’s Psychic typing perfectly.

1 Pisces: Indeedee

The friendly and selfless nature of Pisces makes the servant-like Indeedee their obvious representative. Indeedee act as valets and babysitters and react to the gratitude given by those they serve. Their horns sense the emotions of those around them, a trait that mimics Pisces’ attunement to the emotions of others. Their desire to make others happy can result in an excessive amount of trust, though, so others would do well not to take advantage of their (or Indeedee’s) services.

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