Two centuries ago, rich traders, ambassadors and colonial elites who could afford grand and costly voyages were reserved for trips to Asia. But the scenario of travel has been turned on its head. It is easier than ever to visit Asia with a proliferation of inexpensive airlines, flexible hotels, high-speed trains and improved international connectivity. Why go? With its natural beauty, distinct cultural values, ancient architecture and utterly delicious food, the world’s biggest continent has long captivated travellers.
Here are 5 of Asia’s best destinations to consider for your next adventure—a diverse mix of cities, islands and entire countries.
  1. Bhutan shows the very best of mother nature, anchoring the eastern end of the Himalayas—a image of thick forests, deep valleys and cloud-piercing peaks.
  2. Located off Malaysia’s western coast, the island of Penang is a mecca for lovers of food and architecture.
  3. El Nido. Located on the northern tip of Palawan Island, the archipelago is home to turquoise seas, enigmatic lagoons, hundreds of beaches and hidden caves in the southwestern Philippines.
  4. Beautiful Bali, the most popular wellness getaway in Asia, lies in the middle of the vast archipelago of Indonesia. Bali is easily the most popular of the country’s 18,000-some islands, attracting more than 5.6 million international tourists per year.
  5. As one of Asia’s most modern cities, Seoul may have a well-deserved reputation, but South Korea’s capital is also home to a wealth of ancient monuments that provide a glimpse into the past.