What to Expect From Halo Infinite Leading Up to Launch

Halo Infinite continues its slow crawl toward a release date, with updates releasing monthly to keep fans informed on the features being added and the progress of the project. Progress has been going steadily despite the pandemic, and there’s a chance fans could hear the new release date at Xbox’s summer conference this year. Judging by recent leaks and rumors, it seems that the typical Halo launch window of November is still being targeted.

With a firm release date shall come a new marketing strategy. The level of information fans have will grow exponentially after Halo Infinite’s next stage appearance. After a long drought, fans may just suddenly be inundated with a massive amount of game footage and interviews dissecting every inch of the game. This is going to feel like a huge shift compared to what’s going on right now, but there are specific things one can expect from this tidal wave of news.

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The baseline to expect of Halo Infinite moving forward is an increasingly dense amount of information in monthly updates. While previous Inside Infinite updates had various pieces of information including graphical improvements and audio design, once 343 Industries is allowed to go into specifics, it can be expected that it will do so in great detail. The story, gameplay, multiplayer, and future plans will all be delved into with gusto. Some later updates will probably feel like targeted, textual Nintendo Direct Minis.

One especially noteworthy feature that is in dire need of expanding is Halo Infinite’s multiplayer suite. It is known that it will be free and Forge will be present once more, but what the specific mode list is is still unknown. On top of that, it’s still not entirely clear if Halo Infinite will feature a battle royale mode or some equivalent, though that answer does lean heavily toward “no.” All of this will be made clear in the coming months, as well as what maps, guns, vehicles, and customization pieces will be available in the base game and what might be coming down the pipeline. The upcoming Halo Infinite news blowout at an Xbox conference will almost certainly show a smattering of the multiplayer to smooth over the rough campaign reveal from last year.

A very big unknown right now is the precise scope of the story and characters. Master Chief and his Pelican pilot are clearly the story-driving protagonists at the beginning, and the antagonists are a Banished contingent led by the vicious Brute Escharum. However, judging by recent leaks, there are more characters around, including two Spartans named Griffin and Stone. Who they are and what role they will play in the Zeta Halo’s conflict is yet to be seen, but there looks to be plenty of intrigue amongst the superweapon’s crags and trenches.

Halo Infinite is not going to launch unprepared, either. According to reports, 343 Industries is holding multiple Halo betas throughout this year to gather plenty of feedback for the upcoming game. These beta tests, or “flights,” will start small and expand in size over time. Similar to the method used to develop updates for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the feedback from the betas will play an instrumental role in making key decisions about Halo Infinite as 343 Industries prepares to launch the game soon.

343 plans to select testers through its Halo Insider program, so interested players will want to make sure they are properly registered. It’s currently unclear what the beta will entail, including whether some betas will permit streaming and recording footage. However, it’s encouraging to know that they are on the way, and that a fully playable Halo Infinite is not far behind them.

Halo Infinite will launch fall 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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