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It’s getting hard to have never heard of Valheim! As it manages to top Steam sales for weeks in a row, it’s becoming clear this title is going to be a popular gaming mainstay for some time into the future. Valheim is developed by Iron Gate AB and Published by Coffee Stain Studios.

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As Valheim continues to break concurrent player records, more and more gaming fans are interested in learning all of what the game has to offer. For those who want to know what Iron Gate’s release is all about, here are all the details they could possibly need.

10 It’s A Survival Game

Fans of the survival genre will absolutely adore Valheim. It stands out with familiar mechanics that have unique twists on the genre offering a kind of depth fans will deeply enjoy. There’s solid combat, large amounts of procedurally generated content to explore, and curious bits of lore hidden throughout the game.

9 The Game Is Viking Themed

For those who didn’t enjoy Assasin’s Creed Valhalla for its theme, Valheim might not be the right game for them to purchase. The game puts players in what is essentially Viking purgatory as they have to battle the enemies of Odin that are contained within. There are a lot of lovely references to famous Viking stories for anyone with a deep love of history.

8 It’s Currently In Early Access

Valheim is currently in Early Access which means the full game has not yet been released. This does mean it’s possible for Iron Gate to stop making updates to the game and leave it as is, but considering the popularity of the title, this is incredibly unlikely.

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With the game in Early Access, it’s also worth remembering that it’s more likely for players to encounter game-breaking bugs. One of these is already well known but there could be other strange errors encountered in Valheim that Vikings should keep their eyes open for.

7 It Has Several Updates On The Horizon

The game already has a large amount of content promised for updates in the near future. Future updates planned include Cult of the Wolf, Ships and Sea, and even Mistlands, which is promised to bring “new enemies, new items, a new boss, new resources, everything.”

There is a lot coming in the game’s future for anyone trying it out now to enjoy!

6 It’s Primarily A Co-Op Title

The game is primarily designed to be a co-op title, which is perfect for folks stuck inside wanting to game with friends. It’s an enjoyable experience where players can build up amazing bases, take down powerful bosses, and sail across the ocean all with the help of friends. Sure, the game can be played in single-player, but it’s far better when experienced with friends.

5 It Can Be Played As PVP

While Valheim is certainly more focused on a co-op experience, it’s still possible to play the game in a way that pits players against each other. Players have the option to battle each other but it requires both players to agree to a duel. With there being a cap of ten players per server in the game, it’s not going to become a Viking battle royale, but it could still be a lot of fun.

4 It’s Surprisingly Customizable

Even though the game is incredibly new, players are already making mods for Valheim. There are plenty of ways to customize the game from adding in custom textures to putting in Barad-dûr as a buildable item in the game.

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It’s also easy to make Valheim have just the right difficulty for anyone playing by using console commands in the game. It’s possible to teleport to any given area and even get a hidden weapon in the game through this method making it easy to breeze through the game.

3 Valheim’s System Requirements

Fortunately, Valheim isn’t a particularly demanding game, a factor that likely contributes to its popularity. On the game’s recommended settings, players need 8 GB RAM and an i5 3GHz processor.

It’s possible to play the game on 4GM of RAM with a 2.6 GHz dual-core processor as well so long as players know the best ways to improve Valheim‘s performance.

2 Is Valheim Coming To Consoles?

One of the biggest questions fans and those curious to try Valheim have been asking is if the game would be coming to consoles. Currently, there are “no plans to release on other platforms” according to the game’s official website.

However, Iron Gate has also suggested they might be willing to make a version for Mac with enough interest so it’s not impossible for this to change in the future.

1 How Much It Costs

Currently, Valheim costs $19.99 and is available for purchase on Steam. The price for the game is likely to go up as time goes on as is common with most Early Access titles. There isn’t any word yet on how price increases may be happening for the game, but suffice it to say players should get in on this amazing deal early.

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