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Longtime fans of Dark Souls might remember when an image of an iceberg of outlandish fan theories and rumors began to circulate around the internet. However, considering the way the lore in Dark Souls is doled out, trying to actually keep track of what was real and what was a wild theory has consistently been a difficult task, leading some fans to consolidate some of their “best” ideas for what’s real.

This is where a recent post on Amino comes into play, created on the site’s Dark Souls forum and posted by a user calling themselves JustADarkSoulsNerd. The post tries its best to address a number of rumors and theories surrounding the deep lore found within the minimalist story of FromSoftware’s flagship series.

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The poster started with the well known image of the “Dark Souls Iceberg”, before delving into the most prominent theories that may or may not have good reason to have spread among the community. Some of these include the fate of Havel the Rock in Dark Souls and whether or not the player actually fights the real version of the character at the bottom of the tower in Undead Burg. However, many of these theories are what the poster refers to as the “tip of the iceberg”, since they mostly only acknowledge surface level ideas and rumors, while some of the deeper lore is still somewhat untouched.

JustADarkSoulsNerd has also commented on many of the theories from within the body of the iceberg, as well as those at the top, above the tip. Digging further down into the lower levels of the theories, however, is a bit of a strange task, as while some might sound feasible to fans, others like “Pendant unlocks 2nd quest” is one-part troll and one-part Zelda reference. Though there are references all throughout Dark Souls that might support some of these theories, there are a number that were long debunked by the community at large before the image had even been made.

At the end of the day, diving into the Dark Souls iceberg is a fun experiment in breaking down both the lore of the series, as well as attempting to dig into the secret mechanics that might be hidden under the code. For those members of the community that participate in fan-led Dark Souls events, or help each other dive into the hidden details of the games, it can become something that takes a hefty level of devotion. It goes to show the effect of FromSoftware’s minimalist storytelling that even years later, the mysteries hidden under the game are an interesting adventure to uncover.

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