Watch Every Resident Evil Village Trailer Revealed So Far

Resident Evil Village is the follow-up to 2017’s Resident Evil 7, with Ethan Winters returning as the main protagonist. Since its reveal, Resident Evil Village has received an immensely positive reception from the Resident Evil community, with many believing it could be a spiritual successor to 2005’s cult classic Resident Evil 4.

Since its reveal, Capcom has diligently shared information about Resident Evil Village through multiple trailers and presentations as fans wait for the game’s release. All these trailers have done a perfect job of setting the premise without spoiling anything major, and there’s a lot to piece together until Resident Evil Village launches.

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Resident Evil Village was announced at Sony’s Future of gaming event back in June of last year. The announcement trailer focuses primarily on the game’s new setting, a snow-capped eerie village, which according to Capcom is a character of its own. Aside from confirming the returning characters like Ethan, Mia, and Chris, it also focuses on side characters, such as an old man with a shotgun, that may play a pivotal role in the game’s story. It also reflects the tonal difference between Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, with the latter having a more Victorian vibe with a werewolf-like creature stalking Ethan.

The second trailer picks off where the first one ends. It starts with Chris invading Ethan’s home with a bunch of soldiers to kidnap Ethan and Mia’s daughter and in the process, shooting Mia, causing fans to wonder what Chris’s fate could be in Resident Evil Village. The second trailer depicts more of the same village areas that are showcased in the first trailer. The focus here is on the visual representation of the folklore that Mia is reciting in the first trailer and its possible connection to the game’s story.

The second trailer also showcases the enemy variants Ethan will come across while exploring the village, including the werewolf-like creature from the first trailer. It also showcases the side characters from the first trailer indulging in some kind of a ritual while recalling the name of “Mother Miranda.” Arguably the most interesting bit of the second trailer is the return of the iconic merchant from Resident Evil 4, who this time around is called The Duke. The trailer ends with a glimpse of the castle that takes the center stage in the third trailer.

The third and the final trailer revealed so far for Resident Evil Village explores the castle interiors and introduces some of the castle denizens Ethan will come across. This, of course, includes the internet sensation Lady Dimitrescu and her fellow vampire sisters. The most interesting bit here is Lady Dimitrescue’s conversation with the mysterious figure, Mother Miranda. If all of this is any indication, this Mother Miranda may turn out to be Resident Evil Village’s main antagonist. The final trailer also gives a glimpse of the game’s combat as the mysterious hooded figures carrying swords assault Ethan.

The six minutes long gameplay showcases Ethan making his way from the village to the castle. Some of the castle areas shown in the gameplay are also available to explore in the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo that PS5 players can get for free right now. The trailer also reveals how guarding has been overhauled since Resident Evil 7 and plays a much bigger role in combat this time around. The gameplay trailer also gives ample time to the charming merchant. The merchant in Resident Evil Village has quite the personality this time around, and the trailer reveals some of the weapons and upgrades he has to offer.

Resident Evil Village will be available on May 7, 2021, for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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