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After a year in Verdansk, Warzone players have spent plenty of time in the gulag. Adding the gulag to Warzone was an innovative feature never before seen in a battle royale game. Players always have a semblance of hope after getting killed in Warzone because they know they can still win the gulag and come back to win the match. New gulags aside, over the past 7 seasons there have been some frustrating weapons players were forced to use in the gulag.

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Players want a fair fight, and some of the weapons in the gulag were completely unusable. There were also stretches where players had serviceable weapons in the gulag. This article will outline the good and the bad gulag weapons in Verdansk.

10 Worst: Akimbo .50 GS

The Akimbo .50 GS pistols are horrific weapons to use in the gulag. In fact, it is probably fairer to flip a coin than make two players face off with a hip-fire radius spanning the entire screen. The .50 GS is a one-shot headshot without armor plates, and opponents that spam the trigger will often get lucky with a headshot. Even players that utilize the best strategies in the gulag will lose. There is no reason for the weapons to be in the game, and they are a source of anxiety for players unfortunate enough to wield them.

9 Best: Kilo 141

At close range, the Kilo has a relatively slow time to kill and players need to be accurate to win the one versus one battle in the gulag. The Kilo also has relatively low recoil, and is one of the easiest ground loot weapons to fire. It is a welcome sight for most players when the Kilo makes an appearance in the gulag.

8 Worst: Fists

While technically not a weapon, fists are the bane of every player’s existence. Players that are hit with an unlucky stun have no chance. Because of how powerful stun and flash grenades are, players are scared to move around in the gulag with fists.

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Depending on a player’s ping, they will win and lose fist battles due to de-syncing and lag. Anyone that has used fists in the gulag more than a few time knows that sometimes the player that gets the first hit will still lose.

7 Best: RAM-7

The base RAM is an incredibly powerful weapon, but it has considerable recoil. Players that camp sightlines will need to have precise aim to survive the gulag. Unlike some of the other gulag weapons, the RAM is a test of skill and movement. Most of the players that win with the RAM deserve to respawn into Verdansk.

6 Worst: Snipers With ACOG Scope

Many of the snipers in the gulag are frustrating to use. However, the ACOG build with the Modern Warfare snipers is by far the worst. There have been several builds, but all are incredibly difficult to use. The scout combat sight is one of the worst sights in the game, and the aim down sight time of the weapon is terrible. The ACOG sniper forces players to pre-ADS and wait in the back of the gulag.

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Players that attempt to play at a faster pace will be killed in the second it takes for the sniper to aim down sight. Good luck trying to quick scope the weapon or react to an incoming opponent. It is a mystery how the developers were able to make three separate ACOG sniper classes that are equally atrocious.

5 Best: X16 Pistol

What better way to test the skill of a player than making them use the spawn pistol in the Gulag. The X16 is an accurate weapon and requires several shots to kill. Players will have to be accurate each time they pull the trigger to take down enemies with the X16. The gun allows players to be aggressive and encourages movement in the gulag. Players can utilize jump shots and flank tactics to outclass opponents.

4 Worst: Crossbow

Hitting a shot with the crossbow is extremely satisfying, and getting hit by one is equally devastating. If both players miss a shot in the gulag, the fight essentially becomes a melee challenge. The crossbow reloads extremely slow, and players are forced to be passive and search for the perfect shot. The weapon is yet another example of a gun that has no place in the gulag. The crossbow makes the pace of every fight incredibly slow. The worst gulag fights end in a beatdown duel or a flag capture, which are common when using the crossbow.

3 Best: Kar 98k

The iron sight Kar is the ultimate test of skill. The gun has a slow fire rate because it is a bolt rifle and players need pinpoint accuracy to use the gun correctly. Players need to hit chest or headshots for a one-shot kill. All of these factors make the Kar a great gun in the gulag. Nine times out of ten, the better player will win the duel. There are some situations where the weapon can be irritating, but it is the best sniper added to the gulag and one of the best weapons in the game.

2 Worst: .357 Magnum

The .357 magnum is one of the worst guns to use in the game. The gun’s idle sway, inaccuracy, bad iron sights, and hip fire radius make it one of the most annoying weapons to come across in the gulag. Warzone players have felt the frustration of hitting a headshot and not getting a kill, or hitting two chest shots and getting killed by a lucky hip fire shot. The magnum is difficult to aim and terribly unforgiving. Players at all skill levels will agree that the magnum should not be in the gulag.

1 Best: Uzi

Similar to the Kilo, the Uzi is accurate and has a modest time to kill. Players that have good aim will win against lower-skilled players with the Uzi. Also, the gun makes one of the most satisfying sounds in the game. The iron sights on the Uzi are not the best, but they are good enough to identify enemies and take them out. The Uzi is a great gun to use in the gulag, and one of the better ground loot weapons added to the game.

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