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The past few weeks have been a busy time for the Warner Bros. media conglomerate. Between the long-awaited, but divisive release of Justice League: The Snyder Cut and tomorrow’s trailer premiere for Space Jam: A New Legacy, the company is making strides on the film side. Now, the company’s game division has received an interesting new development as well as a mysterious job listing has popped up on Warner Bros’ hiring website, and fans are already speculating what it could mean.

The listing is for a contract position at WB Games Montreal, the same game studio that created Batman: Arkham Origins and the recently delayed Batman title Gotham Knights. However, this listing doesn’t seem to be for another superhero action game like its past work, instead breaking into a new genre entirely.

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Warner Bros. Montreal is looking for a game designer with experience designing puzzles games. Responsibilities of the position include using “existing systems” to create unique puzzle scenarios, and making improvements on existing puzzles to create a user-friendly experience. This all seems like fairly typical job listing fluff, but the major takeaway for fans is that Warner Bros. is creating a brand new puzzle game that it hasn’t yet announced.


This project could potentially be anything, but there’s a few options that seem to make the most sense. For one, WB Montreal has mostly worked on Batman games, so this could possibly be another project focusing on the caped crusader. While puzzlers aren’t the first thing one may think of when adapting the character, there is potential in some sort of mobile game spinoff that focuses on Batman’s investigative detective side, which would complement the open-world adventure of Gotham Knights very well.

This project could also be for another Warner Bros. series entirely, as the conglomerate owns hundreds of IPs from Rick & Morty, to Harry Potter, to Adventure Time. Pretty much any of these IPs could fit into a puzzle mold if simplified enough, but there’s a few candidates that have a higher chance than others. Harry Potter already has many game spinoffs, so a puzzle game spinoff wouldn’t be shocking at all, even if it’d be a relatively unexciting choice compared to others.

One of Cartoon Network’s shows could be interesting to adapt, with Infinity Train in particular being a recent hit that would translate perfectly into a puzzle game mold. However, until an official announcement comes, there’s no way for anyone to know what this could be for. In the meantime, there is at least a big Warner Bros. library on HBO Max to tide fans over with plenty of content.

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