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The Nightwave content expansion for Warframe introduced a number of challenges and rewards to the game. The first update in the series was the Wolf of Saturn Six. After the update, the villain, named the Wolf Of Saturn Six, had a chance to spawn during any of the new missions added to the game. His spawn chances increased throughout Series 1 until Series 2, The Emissary.

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The Wolf of Saturn Six can still be summoned by players that purchase a Wolf Beacon. However, the price is steep at 50 credits a summon. Unfortunately, summoning the villain is the only way to acquire the exclusive Series 1 loot. This guide will cover everything players need to know about both the villain and the update.

The Wolf is an escapee from the prison on Saturn Six, an unidentified location. He escaped with several other prisoners who are termed the Saturn Six Fugitives. There are three other fugitives, all of which spawn with the Wolf. There is slightly more to his story, but players will get the full synopsis in-game. While the boss is a scary-looking character, the community has created some interesting nicknames for him. Awoo Man and Wolf Papa are our picks for the best Wolf nicknames.

The Wolf is immune to frame status attacks and his pack will be entirely immune to damage until the Wolf is killed. As a result, players need to take down the Wolf first, which is uncharacteristic of an RPG boss fight. The pack is not immune to Warframe abilities, but they will not sustain damage by attacks. Gamers will want to use a frame that can isolate Wolf with abilities to make the fight one-dimensional.

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The pack members will use the Karak as a primary weapon and have Molotov-like lethal attacks as well. Wolf’s attacks are all melee-based. The villain will attack with the Wolf Sledge Warhammer, performing slashes and slams with the hammer. Each attack is telegraphed, so players should be able to avoid or counter most of his attacks. Wolf has three other primary attacks. He will throw his hammer from range, perform a dash attack, or use a Thor-esque ability that pulls players toward him. If all else fails, gamers can run away and the enemies will not chase beyond a few hundred meters.

Because Wolf is immune to frame affliction abilities, players will need to deal damage the old-fashioned way. Critical hits will be important, so players should be using weapons that have a chance for a damage multiplier. Attack speed and critical damage mods will be useful, as gamers will want to take the boss out as quickly as possible. Wolf has Alloy Armor, so he will be more vulnerable to Radiation. It should be noted that Wolf’s headshot damage was nerfed since the update went live, making headshot spamming less effective.

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The best way to attack the Wolf is from above. Gamers can use the landscape or one of many abilities to inflict damage from the air. Wolf will still be able to attack players, but most of his offensive attacks deal little to no damage to airborne frames. Meanwhile, players should be utilizing frame abilities to control, slow, or stun the rest of the pack. An isolated Wolf that is being attacked from above will be killed by top-tier frames. Cloaking abilities are also very powerful against the boss. They are technically not status effects, so cloaking frames will not be spotted by the Wolf. If Wolf is bested in combat, he and his minions will flee from battle.

There is a bit of uproar in the community regarding the drops for killing the Villain. Players can now only summon the boss with the beacon, which costs 50 credits. On average, it will take frames at least 40 kills to acquire all of Wolf’s rare drops. Obviously, it can take even longer, as percentage drops are never guaranteed. The total cost of 40 beacons is 2,000 credits, a steep price for four rare items.

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Wolf’s main drops are the Mask of Saturn Six and the Wolf Sledge. Both items are relatively rare, but good drops even in 2021. He will drop the target Acquired and Tempo Royale mods as well, but these are extremely rare. Unless players are trying to add to their collections, it is not worth the credits to keep fighting this boss. It would be nice if gamers were given a node for the Wolf, as spending thousands of credits for outdated loot is absurd. The new developers have been doing their best with the resources they have, but it is a disappointing reality for seasoned players. Hopefully, gamers will have the option to go back and defeat the boss without burning their hard-earned credits.

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