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Warframe has been around for a long time. In that time, many players have taken a liking to the ninja style, space shooter, RPG. This game has enticed many to join the community from the fast-paced gameplay to the amazing abilities and customization.

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Warframe has a lot to offer the players who take it on. When players join the game they now have dozens of characters to choose from. Back when it released in 2012 there were only eight. These Warframes are still in the games, but some are better than others.

8 Loki

Loki is the stealth Warframe of the bunch and offers abilities like Invisibility to hide from enemies and take them down from the shadows. Loki is good but is probably best utilized during Spy missions. His ability to sneak past enemies is great for not getting detected. Loki is useful in other missions for his other abilities. Radial Disarm will take the weapons out of the hands of enemies that have guns. The Decoy ability will create a holographic decoy that enemies will shoot instead of Loki. Switch Teleport is useful for trading places with other players and enemies.

7 Volt

Volt is the fast Warframe of the group and is pretty versatile. Volt is typically built in two ways; speed or shield. The speed build is for players who want to utilize Volt’s Speed ability. This ability raises the Warframe’s speed to unimaginable heights. This allows players to fly through a map and dodge enemy projectiles. The shield build utilizes Volt’s Electric Shield ability that brings up a shield to protect the Warframe from enemy projectiles. Volt’s other abilities, Electric Discharge and Shock, can also prove to be useful.

6 Ember

Ember has been changed in recent years and her new form is more appealing to players because of the synergy the Warframe has. Players tend to ignore Ember’s first ability, Fireball. Instead, they use her three other abilities, Immolation, Fire Blast, and Inferno.

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These abilities offer great synergy that can heat Ember up and allows her to cause more damage and be protected from incoming damage. This Warframe can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but once players have the hang of it, they will quickly be lighting enemies on fire.

5 Excalibur

The poster child of the Warframe world is Excalibur. In recent years, they updated Excalibur’s look by giving the Warframe a new Umbra Form that is obtainable (unlike the Prime variant). Most players now use the Umbra variant because it offers higher stats. That doesn’t mean the original Excalibur isn’t good. In fact, many players can create amazing builds for Excalibur that can survive even the toughest gauntlets. The main ability used with Excalibur is Exalted Blade. This ability allows Excalibur to pull out a mighty blade that can cast waves of energy to hit enemies from afar.

4 Mag

Mag can be great for crowd control with the Warframe’s Polarize and Crush abilities. These abilities deplete enemy shields and armor and can even grant allies some of their shields back. The real power of Mag comes from its other abilities, Magnetize and Pull. The Pull ability can ragdoll enemies across the map. Pull them in any direction and make them vulnerable to attacks.

Magnetize can lock a group of enemies into a bubble that damages them the more it is shot. These abilities are the bread and butter of any Mag build. Typically, players can make use of all of Mag’s abilities with little understanding of how they actually work.

3 Rhino

Rhino is the tank of the original Warframes. Rhino can charge into battle and survive an onslaught of enemy fire. Rhino is also one of the most versatile Warframes in the game. This Warframe can deal damage just as easily as it can take it.

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One of the best ways to play Rhino is to increase its Iron Skin ability. This ability protects Rhino from damage so that it can start dealing major damage to enemies. Rhino Stomp allows Rhino to knock enemies into the air with an all-mighty stomp.  Rhino can also be a buffer for the team with the Roar ability. This ability grants a damage increase for all allies that are nearby.

2 Trinity

Some players look at Trinity and imagine the healer of the group. They imagine a character who can’t take any damage because if they do, they die. Trinity can actually become an immortal being with enough work put in. The Energy Vampire ability grants energy back to Trinity and allies. If the enemy that is targeted is killed, it creates a pulse that gives a larger amount of energy. The Link ability tethers Trinity to three nearby enemies and redirects damage taken to them. This can stack with the Warframe’s final ability, Blessing. Blessing is the strongest healing ability in the game.

1 Ash

Ash should be the poster child of this space ninja game because of all the Warframe’s, Ash is the only true ninja. Ash can fly across the map with blinding speed, turn invisible with a smokescreen, throw shuriken, and teleport. All of Ash’s abilities can prove useful in any game mode. Players can take Ash into a survival challenge and come out after a hundred waves like it is nothing. There are multiple ways to build this great character and far too many to go over in a short paragraph but trust us, it’s worth it.

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