Warframe Developer Announces TennoCon 2021 Will Be Digital

Earlier in February, developer Digital Extremes announced that a bunch of new content for Warframe, the free-to-play role-playing shooter, would be coming sometime during the month and again in the spring. Among that content would be Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year events, as well as new Warframe content for Corpus Railjack and the Command intrinsic, which will allow players to control friendly NPC crew members.

During Devstream 152 on February 26, the Warstream development team went into further detail about the planned spring content. It was also announced that TennoCon 2021 will again be a digital-only event, due to Digital Extremes working from home until September. This will be the second year in a row that TennoCon will be held in this way. Although the attendee portion of TennoCon 2020 was cancelled in March 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the livestream segment of the event still took place in August.

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Further details about the upcoming TennoCon 2021 event have not yet been revealed, including the planned date, but Digital Extremes will keep the community updated as news becomes available. However, the manner in which TennoCon 2020 played out may give some insight on what Warframe players can expect.

In 2020, the purchase of a TennoCon digital ticket came with a “TennoCon Relay Access Key,” which allowed players to access Baro Ki’Teer during the originally scheduled week of TennoCon 2020, from July 11-18, and again from August 1-3. During this time, Baro sold his entire past stock, including primed mods, weapons, and fashion frames.

The now annual developer livestream event, TennoLive, also took place at the end of TennoCon 2020. During this relay, players were able to preview models of enemies and objects that were planned for future content releases of Warframe. Viewers who watched TennoLive on Twitch for 30 consecutive minutes received Hydroid Prime, the Primed variant of Hydroid, as long as their Warframe accounts were linked to Twitch.

There were also two pre-recorded developer panels held during TennoCon 2020, “The Art of Warframe” and the “Sounds of the System” panels. These gave an inside look at how some of the art, animation, and sounds of Warframe were created. Viewers watching any TennoCon panel on Twitch for 30 consecutive minutes received the Warframe weapon Athodai, a Tenno hand-cannon that shoots long-range lasers. Again, this drop was only attainable if viewers’ Warframe account was linked to their Twitch account.

And of course there were many information drops about future planned Warframe content, including the announcement of Heart of Deimos that featured a new Infested area on Deimos, one of the moons of Mars. The Necralisk player hub, the Entrati enemy faction, as well as new Infested enemies, characters, procedurally generated areas, and many other things were introduced during TennoCon 2020.

Warframe is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Xbox One. An Xbox Series X/S version is also in development.

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