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Being a deadly space ninja with the allegiance of a rattlesnake sounds like a lucrative job but the reality in Warframe is that most players don’t get rich in Platinum by doing some default Tenno stuff. In order to make Platinum in the least grindiest way possible, you often have to channel your inner Nef Anyo which is the resident Rockefeller of Warframe. That means being a heartless businessman sometimes.

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Suffice to say, there are many methods in making Platinum, which is the premium currency of Warframe. The easiest and most available ones require you to play the game to exhaustion while the riskiest can make you feel like some shady stockbroker or scalper. However, in the name of fashion-framing and min-maxing, all methods are valid for any prophet of profit.

10 Rare Mod Farmer

Each new update in Warframe that adds weapons and mods is a great opportunity for anyone to make some Platinum. The latest rare or uncommon mods, in particular, tend to have bloated prices in the first few weeks of their introduction due to low supply and high demand.

That’s why having a Nekros warframe to farm these mods easily is a huge benefit. Do a bit of research whenever a new rare/uncommon mod gets introduced as to which enemies drop them and keep killing them until you get the mod. You can get by using any other warframe and try your luck with said mods but the chances are too low without assistance from Nekros.

9 Selling Prime Parts

Prime parts are by far the most consistent way to earn a stream of Platinum. You don’t even have to invest in anything when selling them, just cracking open some accumulated relics will do. You also don’t even need to aim for rare or expensive prime parts though you can also sell those for higher prices.

The thing is, a lot of players will readily pay you around 5 to 10 Platinum for five “junk” or low-value prime parts. That’s because these prime parts can be liquidated into Ducats– another currency you can use for purchasing Baro Ki’teer’s items. Junk prime parts usually sell the highest when Baro is right around the corner, so it pays better to wait for him.

8 Relic Merchant

Then again, you can always skip the prime parts and sell the relics straight away like they’re some raw uncooked nuts. Each relic has a different price because they offer different rewards but be on the lookout for those that drop any featured or new prime part.

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A lot of players will also be on the lookout for those relics especially those who are farming the latest prime warframe or weapon. Axi relics are usually the most expensive ones to sell and in order to obtain them, you just need to keep doing a Disruption mission in Lua – Apollo. This could change in future updates.

7 Selling Corrupted Mods

Orokin Vault runs have always been a reliable way to make Platinum since the rewards they drop, corrupted mods, are necessary for endgame warframe and weapon builds. Hence, players are always willing to pay for such mods, more so for the ranked ones.

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In order to do Orokin Vault runs, you can team up in the Recruitment Chat and equip a Dragon Key. You can go about it solo but these vaults are hidden and having three other people to search for them shortens the mission time. After you’ve collected some corrupted mods for yourself, it’s time to sell your duplicates.

6 Ayatan Sculpture Merchant

Ayatan Sculptures are also good resources that allow players to obtain Platinum. They’re also necessary for leveling up mods so they’re in-demand. Some are also just for ornamental purposes. The cheapest ones can go for 2 to 5 Platinum depending on who’s buying.

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Getting Ayatan Sculptures is easy too. Simply listening to Maroo from Earth and accepting her Ayatan missions ought to grant some easy rewards or Platinum if you’re selling them. Otherwise, doing some rotations in Arbitration missions is also a good source.

5 Syndicate Item Merchant

Turns out you can make Platinum in Warframe even if it doesn’t cross your mind. Even something as natural as leveling up your Syndicate standings is enough to make some Platinum sales here and there. Pick a Syndicate among Steel Meridian, Cephalon Suda, Arbiters of Hexis, The Perrin Sequence, New Loka, and Red Veil then commit to them.

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Earn a high enough standing and they will practically give you some Syndicate exclusive mods or weapons. These can then be traded with other players for Platinum, especially those who picked the wrong Syndicate or can’t be bothered to raise their standing.

4 Dual Stat Mod Farmer

Much like corrupted mods, dual-stat mods in Warframe are valuable because they allow you to save some mod slots in your weapons. Some of these dual-stat mods even sell higher than the best corrupted mod so they’re more lucrative to farm.

Acquiring them is a problem though since dual-stat mods rely on drop rates and are not guaranteed rewards, unlike corrupted mods. The best way to get them without paying is to keep doing tier 1, 2, and 3 Spy missions for frost and heat elements. Toxic element dual-stat mods drop from Corrupted Vor in the Void and electric dual-stat mods are sold by Baro, making them the rarest and most expensive.

3 Flipping Baro Ki’teer’s Items

Last but not least is flipping some items that Baro Ki’teer offers. Baro only comes around twice every month and on occasion, will offer some electric dual-stat mods which are worth quite a lot of Platinum. Apart from that, he also sells unique tradeable weapons.

The main commodity you can sell from Baro’s offerings are the prime mods. Even at unranked, these can sell for two-digit Platinum prices. Rank them up if you have spare endo and you can sell some of them for hundreds. After that, you can finally buy your own prime bling so Baro will stop snubbing you.

2 Prime Vault Flipping

This one requires considerable foresight and restraint. There’s this thing in Warframe where rare items are made even rarer by cutting them off from the reward table. This is called the Prime Vault and it’s a rotating reward availability system.

You can take advantage of this by researching which prime parts are about to get “vaulted” or erased from the loot tables and then hoard them all while they’re still available until the price gets higher. That will eventually happen if and when they get vaulted. By then, you can sell them at inflated Platinum price tags since the supply is low.

1 Selling/Flipping Riven Mods

Another thing you can farm that sells for quite a hefty sum are Riven mods. You can sell either veiled Riven mods for some small gains or auction out an unveiled one with killer stats and sell to the highest bidder. That’s what’s happening right now in Warframe’s Riven market.

In fact, if you want some risky investments, you can buy unveiled Riven mods yourself and then reveal them or re-roll their stats with Kuva to increase their value. This does require a considerable effort and some top tanky or DPS warframes as well as some patience for Sortie missions.

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