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Riflemen in Warface serve as the frontline damage Class for this Nintendo Switch title. Thanks to their balanced build, Riflemen serves as “the next best thing” to transition into any of the specialist Classes in the game. In turn, they boast an arsenal that works for almost any range and can perform decently with the right hands. Moreover, their restocking capabilities can extend the team’s performance in gunfights.

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Of course, being the most balanced Class in the game, players often cling to Riflemen as their default choice. In turn, players see each other in the middle of gunfights against other Riflemen from the opposing team. In these circumstances where players must assert their dominance as the apex Rifleman, what can lead them to supremacy?

10 Adjust Approach With The Primary Weapon

The versatile nature of the Rifleman shows in their choices for Primary Weapons. These come in the form of either an Assault Rifle or a Machine Gun. Players can diversify their role as a Rifleman depending on their choice. For instance, an Assault Rifle has decent handling that allows a Rifleman to perform well at farther ranges. With the right hands, an Assault Rifle can take down enemy Snipers from afar.

Meanwhile, Machine Guns are ideal to provide suppressing fire due to its high rate-of-fire. This means a Rifleman with a Machine Gun can engage multiple hostiles while their allies finish them off.

9 Get Tactical With Equipment

Thanks to how diverse the Rifleman can become, supremacy amongst players can come in the form of both skill and even gear. Players need to note which kinds of attachments work best for their Rifleman’s weapons. One rule of thumb is to choose attachments that boost handling without sacrificing damage, and choosing a scope with 1.5x to 2.0x the zoom.

Riflemen need their handling, as they’re one of the Classes that move around the battlefield the most. In case of emergencies, an AR with the right handling can help a Rifleman clear a room with multiple hostiles. Likewise, a decent zoom allows a Rifleman to focus on a target without necessarily limiting their field of vision.

8 Ammo Restoration Boosts Efficiency In Longer Battles

Unlike other Classes, Riflemen have the innate ability to restore ammunition via ammo packs. That way, they can immediately recover their lost ammo. Players should always get to cover in order to restore ammo for themselves, so that they can reload safely and get back to battle immediately.

Meanwhile, Riflemen should keep their ears open for allies who declare they no longer have ammo. That way, they know who to defend in cover before restoring their ammunition. It’s with the Rifleman’s special ability that they almost always have to keep track of their allies’ statuses in the battlefield.

7 Steal Guns In Clutch Scenarios

In multiplayer matches, Riflemen who lose all their ammo and reserves will likely just rush in to get killed. After all, this respawns them with a full kit, right? Unfortunately, doing this will also give one more point to the enemy, bringing them closer to victory. Skilled Riflemen don’t necessarily just give up when they run of ammo. Instead, Riflemen always have the option to steal the guns of dead players.

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Essentially, this strategy allows Riflemen to wield a wide variety of weapons. Aside from picking up familiar Assault Rifles and LMGs, they can also become a Sniper, a Medic, or an Engineer until they have to respawn again.

6 Stay Prone To Maximize Handling, Accuracy

For Riflemen in a shootout inside the frontlines, it’s often accuracy and skill that determines who lives and who dies. However, instead of going Rambo and shooting at everyone, Riflemen should go prone and maximize the benefits of improved handling and better accuracy.

The prone position lets players stabilize their aim. This allows for more accurate shots, which is a plus for Riflemen who love their headshots against faraway snipers. Likewise, Riflemen can slide towards the prone position, meaning they can score point-blank sliding kills before going prone to kill more enemies from afar.

5 Take Advantage Of Explosive Kills

Riflemen have access to a Frag Grenade which they can throw at any point in the match. While itchy trigger fingers will throw the Frag at any direction, Riflemen can actually use the Frag at their advantage in firefights. For instance, since Riflemen will engage against multiple enemies at once, a grenade to their direction is a good way to scatter their numbers.

However, a more brutal method of using the Frag is to accumulate Explosive Kills. Essentially, players shouldn’t use the grenade willy-nilly. Rather, it’s more efficient to throw the grenade near a cluster of opponents, be it towards their spawn point or at a point in the map where they have been gathering.

4 Note Shortcuts To Attack The Flank

While Riflemen serve as the frontline DPS of Warface, they’re not necessarily required to attack head-on. Players who study map layouts will notice at least one “shortcut” that allows players from either side to approach the enemy camp. Players should take advantage of this to reach points in the map closer to the enemy base. Riflemen can then lead the assault to the enemy stronghold, forcing others to fall back.

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Players can use this approach strategically as well. For instance, they can wait in a corner for opponents who try to use the same passageway to get to the allied base. Those who do this can surprise their enemies with a backhanded kill. Of course, this may leave players open for a counter-attack from the enemy side.

3 Practice Slide Shots To Maximize Movement

Thanks to Warface‘s advanced mechanics, players can now vault over obstacles, assist others in reaching high places, and even sprint to various objectives. Additionally, players might want to practice shooting while sliding to maximize their activity in a firefight.

Sliding and firing towards an enemy can disorient them while dealing damage. After all, it’s much more difficult to aim down or aim up compared to just aiming left and right. Players can also use the sliding maneuver to perform a spray attack on different enemies in front of them, dealing more damage while causing a distraction.

2 Get Ready To Aim Down All The Time

Following up on the slide mechanic, Riflemen should then also keep their sights prepared to aim down at all times. Players should keep their eyes sharp on enemies who slide from cover to cover. That way, players can anticipate enemies moving out of their safe spot and being open for the kill.

Likewise, players shouldn’t try to attack an enemy sliding from cover to cover. Instead, players should position themselves to face the direction where the enemy is headed so they can shoot immediately. Players who encounter a frontal slide-attack can avoid damage by simply moving away.

1 Make Bullet Sprays Count

In moments of desperation, Riflemen may want to spray bullets at enemies around them. If they’re going to die, they’ll take everyone with them, right? However, bullet sprays are unnecessarily careless. Unless players aim at the right height and swing at the right direction, bullets may not even hit anything. Using bullet sprays properly, though, can turn things to the player’s advantage.

Riflemen with LMGs work best for bullet sprays, as the high firing rate of LMGs mean their bullets punch more frequently, often killing enemies caught in the crossfire. Thus, these weapons make a great tool for bullet-sprayed covering fire.

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