WandaVision Episode 4 Brings Back Some Great Supporting Characters

The following article contains spoilers for WandaVision episode 4.

Despite a change of pace this week, episode 4 of WandaVision maintained the momentum the show has been gathering so far. Taking place predominately in the real world, the episode brought answers to many of the questions audiences have been craving. Perhaps even more energizing though, was the return of some familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WandaVision spent the vast majority of it’s first three episodes in the sitcom universe, replicating the stylistic trappings of television’s bygone eras. Consequently, it feels fitting that the show delves into the MCU’s past to bring back some minor characters as they attempt to decipher what’s happening in Westview. Let’s take a look at the returning characters in episode 4 ‘We Interrupt This Program’.

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It’s been over seven years since Darcy last appeared in the MCU, and over ten years in universe canon. Last seen in Thor: The Dark World, she’s clearly been hard at work during her absence as Darcy is now a Doctor in astrophysics. While she retains her spikey sense of humor that vibed so well with Thor and Jane, Darcy is also one of the smartest people in the room. She establishes that the radiation emitted from the energy field surrounding Westview could yet become dangerous and puts together a plan to establish a visual connection to Westview. Having identified a broadcast frequency entwined in the radiation waves, Darcy uses a CRT Television to interpret the broadcast. It’s refreshing to see her in a more involved role, rather than the somewhat one dimensional part she played in The Dark World.

Considering WandaVision was shot as though it’s a real sitcom, it’s hilarious that Darcy begins analyzing the show in the same manner viewers have been for the past few weeks. Identifying the “actors” who are playing parts within the sitcom universe, theorizing how the universe came to be and pouring over footage for hints. Like fans, she becomes emotionally invested in what’s happening while trying to unearth the secret to what’s going on. It’s a fun framing device that gives the impression the characters are watching alongside fans.

While it seems likely she will remain a big part of WandaVision, time will tell whether her new expertise will see her return in Thor: Love and Thunder which began filming this week.

Jimmy hasn’t been gone for quite as long as Darcy, the hapless but loveable FBI agent last appeared in the 2018 film Ant-Man and The Wasp. Initially, it seemed like Jimmy was set to pair up with Monica Rambeau but she is quickly dragged into the sitcom universe, prompting SWORD to mobilize and set up base around Westview. Instead, he finds himself teaming up with Darcy, which makes for an interesting dynamic. Darcy creates an audio connection with a radio in the sitcom universe, allowing them to transmit a message to Wanda. This confirms the fan theory that it was Jimmy who was attempting to communicate with Wanda over the radio in episode 2.

Jimmy’s missing person appear to be under witness protection, and he continues to stress the importance of finding them to SWORD operatives as they uncover more about Westview. It suggests that the missing person may be of some import to the plot, particularly if Rambeau was drafted in initially to help. Interestingly, the only person not identified on the investigation board is Agnes, which could mean she is the missing person in witness protection. Given some of her dialogue in previous episodes and the suspicious necklace she sported in episode 3, it could also hint at something more sinister.

Jimmy’s return is a welcome one and it seems as though he might have finally got a handle on the close-up magic tricks he was struggling with during Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Initially appearing in episode 2 and 3 under the guise of Geraldine, episode 4 finally confirmed her true identity is Monica Rambeau. Monica first appeared in Captain Marvel, around 1995 in the MCU, as a precocious child who seemed destined for a brighter future. Fast forward 28 years, and she’s a prominent member of SWORD, the organization conceived by her mother, Mia, in the wake of her friendship with Captain Marvel.

Monica reappears in an empty hospital room, having been a victim of Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War. The scene quickly becomes one of the most exhilarating in recent MCU history as fans got their first experience of normal citizens re-materializing during the events of Avengers: Endgame. Sadly, Monica learns her mother passed away during the five years she had disappeared after the blip. Nonetheless, Mia never gave up hope of Monica returning and put in place a contingency plan.

Part of that plan was easing her back into duty, keeping her grounded until undergoing proper evaluation, which is why she is sent to team up with Jimmy Woo on the missing person case, despite being more suited to flight missions. While she’s entangled in the Westview mystery through luck rather than judgement, chances are she’s going to play a key role in resolving the threat posed by the sitcom universe. Despite not being intended to appear in WandaVision, her integration has been seamless so far.

The inclusion of great side characters like Darcy and Jimmy adds some familiarity to the SWORD team in the real world that ensures audiences will invest in them. While Monica was a popular character in Captain MarvelWandaVision is the first time we meet her as an adult. Involving the three of them works to the show’s benefit, fans can get invested but the characters are also allowed to grow in interesting ways outside of the big screen where they are often overshadowed.

Episode 4 of WandaVision is streaming on Disney Plus with a new episode released every Friday

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