WandaVision: 10 Hilarious Memes About The Disney+ Show

Even dramatic, perfectly serious films and TV shows often lead to the creation of many memes. But when a show is a comedy or sitcom, it’s even better. WandaVision is both drama and comedy – and neither. It’s a unique story full of contradictions that switches between various moods. For now, it’s unclear which approach to storytelling will become dominant in the end, if any.

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Fans were looking forward to the show, and even though only four episodes have aired so far, there are already plenty of memes available. They pick the show apart and make fun of it in a way that will be understandable and relatable for everyone who’s watching it.

10 So Many Questions

The first few episodes of WandaVision raised a lot of questions but provided very few answers. Everybody knows something shifty is going on in Westview, in Wanda’s world, but nobody knows what. The fans can’t wait to learn all the answers, but before that happens, they will have to wait. And it’s unclear for how long. A lot of them feel like they needed all the answers yesterday! That’s just the effect that the show has on the audience.

9 Not A Vision, But A Vision

As the show progresses from one time period to the next, the characters’ appearances change. Sometimes the change is almost invisible, something more prominent, like when they switched from black and white to color. But if/when Vision will sport the look on the right, it will no doubt be hilarious. Even though he had a much sleeker look in the films, old sitcoms can only do so much. Special effects weren’t simply that great back then. It’s also a fun nod to his original comic design. As a result, Vision on the right looks more like a cosplayer of the Vision on the left.

8 Nonsense, But Compelling

The first two episodes of the show were downright confusing. The audience mostly had no idea what was going on. Wanda and Vision lived in a strange sitcom world and experienced crazy adventures. They were almost like any couple, except that had the added advantage of having special powers. The beginning of the show made many viewers skeptical. They believed WandaVision made zero sense. Yet at the same time, they watched anyway because the story was still compelling. And it looks like it will reward the audience’s patience in later episodes.

7 The First Glitch

As the show progresses, it becomes obvious that something is amiss in Wanda’s perfect sitcom world. The first big glitch happened when Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart, and his wife came over for dinner.

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At one point, Mr. Hart started choking on his food. Instead of helping him, his wife laughed. And then she kept repeating: “Stop it. Stop it.” over and over again until Wanda asked Vision to help Mr. Hart. This meme mirrors both Wanda’s and the audience’s confusion about this scene.

6 Not A Robot

Some of the funniest moments happened when Vision tried to persuade others that he was normal. Wanda wants very hard to fit in well with the citizens of Westview. And like a good husband, Vision would do anything for her. Except he doesn’t exactly pull off his ‘I’m a human’ show. For example, he mentions he doesn’t eat food in front of a bunch of people. He points out that he doesn’t have a skeleton. He almost forgets to change his appearance to a human before he goes to work. And he levitates in front of a large group of people. Vision simply has a lot to learn before he can pass for a human and not make any mistakes.

5 Vision’s Mortal Enemies

For someone so powerful, Vision has a surprising enemy. No, it’s not Thanos – it’s a piece of chewing gum! Vision accidentally swallows it in the show. It wreaked havoc on his body, and he acted like he was drunk. The problem is he and Wanda have to show magic tricks in front of the audience. Luckily for Vision, his clever wife saves the day. Wanda manages to stop Vision from outing himself as someone who’s not human. And once the show’s over, she removes the dangerous chewing gum from Vision’s body.

4 The Best Cure

The last year and a half haven’t been kind to Marvel fans. At least to those who don’t read the comics and prefer watching films and TV shows. For example, Black Widow didn’t come out last year, as the original plan was.

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The last Marvel film was Spider-Man: Far From Home that premiered in summer 2019. Many Marvel fans had impatiently been expecting a new film or a TV show. So WandaVision is the best gift they could have gotten. Its only fault is that the episodes weren’t all released at once for a massive binge-a-thon.

3 The Ultimate Burn

One of the darkest references to the MCU happened in the first episode. Wanda accidentally hit Vision with a levitating plate while she was preparing a meal in the kitchen. Luckily nothing happened to Vision, and Wanda pointed out her husband has an indestructible head. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case as Avengers: Infinity War proved. Thanos killed Vision by removing the Soul Stone from his forehead. And by doing so, Thanos proved that Vision’s head was far from indestructible.

2 Nobody Asked You, Darcy!

When SWORD figures out that Wanda and Vision are in Westview, they’re confused. This is partially because they know that Vision is dead or at least they thought they knew. But even if Vision is dead, Wanda doesn’t want to hear anything about it. There are two possible solutions ti this which is that she either brought Vision back to life or he’s just a figment of her imagination made real by magic. Either way, Wanda doesn’t want anybody to spoil things for her.

1 Wanda Does It Best

One thing that stands out about Wanda is that she no longer has her accent on WandaVision. That’s a remarkable achievement, considering she spoke with a heavy Sokovian accent in the films. But since it’s Wanda’s imagination and magic that created her perfect world, it makes sense. She could have used it to speak like an American like her neighbors to better fit in with them.

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