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The mysterious world of Valheim is filled with a lot of secrets. This best-selling Viking-themed Valheim game is filled with hidden bosses and mysterious materials. One of these is the Dragon Egg.

Dragon eggs can be found in the Mountain Biomes of Valheim. This snowy region is filled with giant nests from dragons, and occasionally eggs, as well. They are red and purple, scaled, and glittering eggs that are incredibly heavy. For most players, however, the Dragon Egg might not seem very useful, as it cannot be crafted into a weapon, tool, or building. But this egg has a very specific purpose: it summons a hidden boss.

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So far, there have been four hidden bosses found in Valheim: Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass, and Moder. In order to summon any of them, players have to find the correct objects and place them on the altars found in the correct biome. The secret boss of the Mountain Biome is Moder, a massive wyvern with black scales and white fur. In order to summon this flying menace, players will need to find its altar and lay Dragon Eggs on it.

Considering that Valheim is still being updated and is in early access, the way to summon these bosses may change in the coming months. Currently, players will need three Dragon Eggs to get Moder to come and fight them. Since the Dragon Eggs are very heavy, weighing 200.0 each, players will either need to make several trips or get some help from other players to get all three to the altar.

The altar will be found in a randomized location in the Mountain Biome. It will look like a round table made of stone.

Fighting Moder is similar to fighting the common drake enemies in the mountains, with the difficulty ramped up. Moder has two modes of attack: in-flight and grounded. The wyvern will alternate between the two. In the air, Moder will attack with projectiles that turn into ice on the battlefield. On land, it will send freezing breaths to stun and slow the player’s movement speed and animations for 15 seconds, making then vulnerable to attacks. It also has a melee attack with its claws when grounded.

The best way to battle against this particular boss is to bring along some friends. One can draw its attacks while the others close in to attack. Players will most likely also want to forge some of the most lethal weapons in the game in order to help deal some damage, so they’ll want to look for copper, tin, and iron in Valheim in order to create good armor, weapons, and tools.

Valheim is available in Steam Early Access now on PC.

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