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In the past couple of months, gamers have created hundreds of Valheim mods that are free to download and install. Players can check out a ton of them on NexusMods, which is the top provider of Valheim modifications. The best mods to use will depend on what kind of alterations gamers are comfortable making to the core gameplay.

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For the majority of players, the best mods are quality of life changes to improve tedious and frustrating mechanics in the game. This guide will focus on mods that will make Valheim more enjoyable to play without changing basic aspects of the gameplay. For gamers that have not yet installed mods, view our step by step guide to help get started.

9 Build Helper Mod Saves Time When Crafting

This mod makes building, repairing, and deconstructing exponentially easier. It improves build distance so that players can be farther away when both placing items and using the workbench. No more need to use a ladder to build larger structures. The workbench range is extremely long, eliminating the monotony of traveling to it every time a specific material needs to be crafted.

The mod also eliminates the stamina cost for using the hoe and hammer. Gamers will be able to clear and level large areas much quicker as a result. Additionally, when deconstructing items and structures, the mod gives players all of their resources back automatically.

8 Hold Attack Cuts Down On Button Mashing

Hold attack is a useful mod to use when farming. Instead of having to press the attack button over and over, it will stay activated until the mod button is pressed again. The mod will likely save thousands from carpal tunnel.

However, it can be tricky and annoying to have activated in combat. While it may be manageable with dual blades, gamers are better off using it while farming for wood and mining.

7 Clock Mod Keeps Track Of In-Game Time

The base game does not have a clock or time of day indicator. The time mod allows gamers to display a small clock on the screen to track the in game time, which passes at one minute per every second of real time.

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Not knowing the time of day can be frustrating when completing objectives and farming for materials, as players will want to be near their home around night time. Gamers can opt for a simpler clock that displays only the approximate time by following the mod instructions.

6 The Auto Split Mod Helps Cut Out Wasted Time

The auto split mod will allow players to take half a stack of an item, without having to use the menu slider. Clicking on a stack of items will immediately the stack in half, saving gamers the tedium of manually selecting the number of each item.

While the mod is a small change, it is a very impactful one. It is disappointing that Valheim and many RPGs continue to use the outdated and tedious slider system. With this mod, however, it just takes one click to split stacks, preventing a lot of mindless game time in the inventory.

5 The Equip Wheel Mod Makes Changing Tools Easier

The wheel is similar to the interface of many RPG titles that allows players to create and select loadouts. With this mod, instead of having to re-equip a sword and a shield when using a tool, players can select both at once using the wheel.

Like the clock mod, this is another subtle yet substantial change. With this mod installed, players will no longer have to click two numbers to prepare for a fight, saving valuable time.

4 Better UI Improves The Player’s Overall Experience

The Better UI mod makes a number of improvements to the interface. The upgraded UI shows upgrades and weapon durability, as well as adding more slots for key binds. Players will also have a trash can, making disposing of items much easier.

The mod also provides gamers given information about open slots in crates, cooking time, and experience progress. Overall, the mod provides a lot of small UI changes that make playing the game simpler, smoother, and more enjoyable.

3 The Time Mod Can Speed Up Or Slow Down Animations

One of the best time saving mods is, naturally, the time mod. The mod allows players to pause, slow, and speed up in game time. It does not allow players to travel faster, but speeds up the in game animations by speeding up time. By pressing the +/= button, gamers can effectively reach a location faster, making the mod especially useful when traveling to and from distant locations.

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Another cool feature is the exact opposite: slowing down animations and combat. Players can watch their arrows fly in slow motion, and slow down other aspects of the gameplay for dramatic effect. Do not attempt to use the mod in multiplayer modes, though – it will likely crash the game.

2 Instant Monster Drops Saves Tons Of Time

The instant drop mod is a huge time saver. It is unclear whether the delay between killing a monster and loot appearing was an intended aspect of the gameplay, but it is frustrating nonetheless. Gamers that use the mod will not have to wait several seconds for a monster’s loot to appear; rather, can loot immediately.

A few seconds might not seem like a lot of time, but over the course of the game, waiting for loot will add up to hours of playtime. The mod does not alter any aspect of the base gameplay and it is a huge improvement from an efficiency standpoint.

1 Pull From Containers

Gamers can use this mod to combine items in nearby containers for crafting, building, cooking, and smelting. Much like the previous entry, this is another efficiency change to the game that will not alter gameplay.

The radius of this effect is not very large, so players will want to set up their storage near where they will be crafting or cooking. There are a lot of items in Valheim, and this mod will save players an immense amount of time.

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