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After a long career in the United States Navy (punctuated by 11 battle stars), the USS Iowa (BB-61) has been brought back into service – but this time through the indie hit Valheim. Made of wood, this version of the battleship puts the normal Viking longships in the game to shame.

Valheim became available for players on February 2, 2021, developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios. Though Valheim is just in Early Access, its players are able to build impressively large structures like this battleship as long as they collect the materials required. It combines survival gameplay with a sandbox environment as players take on the role of a Viking in the afterlife who must gather materials, craft tools and fight enemies to progress.

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Redditor wjdql6434 put their replica of the USS Iowa on display and surrounded it with a variety of other vessels for scale. Valheim’s crafting system has given players the ability to shape their world, and the recreation of the ship is an impressive feat that looks quite like its real-life version despite consisting of Valheim‘s wood walls, floors and posts.

The USS Iowa is the fourth ship to carry this name and was commissioned in 1943, according to Pacific Battleship Center. The ship is over 887 feet long, and those looking to compare it to the wooden replica in the game can visit the museum ship in Los Angeles. The ship has the largest guns ever fitted to a United States naval vessel, and these would likely be of great help to players as they navigate the open seas and run into some of Valheim‘s most powerful enemies if they were to actually be brought into the game.

Valheim is a great mix of survival and crafting, but its building can be difficult to love. Wood floors sometimes demand a perfect angle to be placed correctly, or walls refuse to clip into the place a player wants, and these little frustrations can hurt the experience. But it is probably too early to tell if it will remain like this with patches and updates for the game on the way.

This leaves players optimistic that creations will come without being as frustrating in the future. Though the building is not perfect in Valheim at the moment, it has already inspired players to get wildly creative. A battleship in the Viking afterlife is perfect proof that this game isn’t limited by its materials or building system, but rather by player’s patience and dedication.

Valheim is available via Early Access on PC.

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Source: Pacific Battleship Center