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The unprecedented success of Valheim continues. Going from a little known Viking survival RPG to the top-selling Steam game for two months running, Iron Gate AB’s Valheim has been a huge triumph. One of the aspects of the title that helps it succeed is the community mods, whether that be fans recreating worlds or touching up the game to enhance it. One such recent mod overhauls Valheim with hundreds of texture improvements, and the results are very impressive.

Valheim is already a highly-reviewed game, and one of the facets of the game that makes it amazing is its visual aesthetics. The art design is generally perceived as fantastic. Viewed from a broad perspective, Valheim can be quite jaw-dropping, especially as an indie-developed title. However, some of the textures look muddy up close, and that is where a mod may improve the game.

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A modder named  “aC0C0NUT” has released an HD Texture Pack for Valheim that addresses over 255 items in the survival RPG. With this mod installed, players will instantly see an improvement over the muddy aesthetics of things like shrubbery, flowers, or large objects like ships. Included in the HD Texture Pack are grass, trees, shrubbery, wood and stone building mats, crafting/forging equipment, swords and shields, iron/silver/padded Armor, troll hide, capes, boats/ships, banners, and more. The mod also adds resolution enhancements.

Valheim, in many ways, is the type of game that is infinitely replayable, and that is likely why it is remaining so high on the Steam charts. It is great to see the community continue to enjoy it, create mods for it, and share among themselves. The game itself is special, but the community behind it will likely have the creativity to keep it going as well.

Valheim is available in Early Access for PC.

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Source: Nexusmods