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In the harsh and unforgiving world of Valheim, players should work hard to build themselves a comfortable house to rest in. While it might seem more important to make the best weapons in Valheim before decorating a house, decorations like hanging trophies are important too.

Valheim players may have noticed that there is a “Comfort Level” number when they rest inside of a house. The basic house will have a comfort level of 4 and will give players about 11 minutes of rested time in-game. However, raising the comfort levels of the home will add time to the Rested stat, allowing players to have a longer time in the Rested state. This means that players will get the benefit of being Rested, like increased stamina and HP, for longer while they are out an about in the world. While it doesn’t increase the carry weight of Valheim players, it will at least allow them to run longer and survive more.

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While there are several furniture options once players in Valheim find Core Wood and Fine Wood, one of the easiest and least material-intensive ways to up the comfort level is to hang trophies on the walls. Trophies are the heads of killed animals and enemies, and players can collect trophies from boar, deer, trolls, necks, and more. Decorating the walls with the heads of those who have been slain will make the player’s Viking character feel much more at home.

In order to hang a trophy, Valheim players will need two things: a trophy to hang and an item stand. Item stands are made with 4 Fine Wood and 1 Bronze Nail. Players can make item stands both vertical and horizontal, creating displays for both walls and flat, horizontal surfaces like tables. In order to hang a trophy on a wall and have it look right, players will need to make the vertical item display.

Fine Wood comes from beech trees in Valheim, and players can find them in the Meadows. They can be cut down with a bronze axe, which is made from 4 regular wood, 8 bronze and 2 leather scraps. Once all the materials are gathered, players just have to hang the item display on the wall where they want the trophy to be, put the desired trophy in one of their numbered item inventory slots, then mouse over the item display and press the number associated with the trophy. Players can also use these item stands to decorate tables, hang weapons and shields, and more.

Valheim is available in Steam Early Access on PC.

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