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Valheim is a game all about survival in a hostile new home. And a big part of surviving in this co-op Viking-inspired purgatory world of Valheim is to build bigger and better crafting stations, tools, weapons, and armor. One of the many materials needed for this is a Surtling Core.

Surtling cores are a basic building block needed to create several of the workstations that players will need to thrive. Surtling cores are used to create Portals, Charcoal Kilns, and even the smelters used to create copper and iron in Valheim. Cores will therefore be needed to make even the most basic metal tools and armor, and players will need several of them.

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The number one way to get Surtling Cores is to kill Surtlings and hope the cores drop as loot. However, killing Surtlings is not an easy prospect, especially early in the game. These fiery demons throw fireballs and deal fire damage that ignores armor. While this may change in later updates to Valheim as it is still in Early Access and the devs are still implementing changes, it is currently a scary situation for any player to be in. To make matters worse, Surtlings usually hang out in packs around  Fire geysers and Rune Stones in the Swamp Biome.

It isn’t completely hopeless, however. Valheim players can easily damage these fire creatures by using water. While rain doesn’t bother these blistering fiends, bodies of water do. It’s pretty easy to lure them over to bodies of water, dousing their flames and turning them into coal. When drenched, these Surtlings have a good chance to drop cores.

Surtling Cores can also be found while out and about in the world, in random chests. Players can also dig them out of Burial Mounds and even find them in dungeons like the Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts that Valheim players need the Swamp Key for. The Surtling Cores appear in dungeons in the Swamp Biome more than any other location.

Using a hammer, players can build a firepit with 5 Stone and 2 Wood. Take a Surtling Core and toss it into the fire while it is burning. The core will shoot a signal into the sky, allowing other players to pinpoint others’ locations. This can be used to help reconnect parties that have split up or even warn others away from danger.

Valheim is available now in Early Access on PC.

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