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In Valheim, players can alter the terrain and world around their homes to make whatever biome they end up in a home. While farming and planting Valheim crops in the soil, players might be looking to plant their own trees. And they can do it with pine cones.

As players build new structures, they have most likely stumbled across some of the structural limitations and stability rules in Valheim. Things built on the ground will show up with the hammer equipped as blue, which is the most stable that a building part can be. However, as some players have most likely noticed, trees in the game, including those planted by players, count as “ground” when building structures where stability is concerned.

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This quirk in the game’s coding has allowed players to not only build massive tree houses but large towers and even a roller coaster in Valheim. Trees can support just about anything a player wants to build. But first, players will either have to find trees to build on or even plant and grow their own.

There are several kinds of tree seeds that can be planted with a cultivator. These seeds are obtained by cutting down trees. Pine cones can only be found by cutting down pine trees; they are not a guaranteed drop, but will drop quite often when players are farming for wood, core wood, or fine wood in Valheim. Including pine trees, there are three total types of trees that can drop seeds and be planted.

  • Pine cones – Pine trees
  • Beech seeds – Beech trees
  • Fir cones – Fir trees

In order to plant pine cones and grown them into trees in Valheim, players will first have to craft a cultivator. Therefore, they will need to mine copper and tin in the Black Forest Biome and combine them at a Forge to make bronze. After that, once the cultivator has been crafted, players will need to cultivate the soil. While the cultivator is equipped, players can right-click to select what mode they want the cultivator in. First, they must cultivate the soil, then right-click again to select the tree seed that will be planted. Choose the location of the new pine tree, then plant it by left-clicking over the chosen location.

Once planted, the seed will take several in-game days to grow to full maturity and be ready for whatever building spree players are hoping to use them for.

Valheim is currently in early access for PC.

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