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From Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to God of War, games inspired by Norse mythology and the history of the Vikings are a big hit with gamers. If the game’s popularity is anything to go by, Valheim is now in the same boat, especially since it has more concurrent players than many established games on Steam. As players enter the world for the first time, many will find themselves needing important crafting items such as honey and Queen Bees.

Valheim burst onto the scene earlier this month after Iron Gate Studio released the game for early access on Steam, where it has dominated the Steam best-sellers list for two weeks in a row. Players are dropped into a Viking-inspired world and have to find a way to survive. Crafting, exploring, and fighting enemies are integral aspects of the game, and even at launch there is a ton of content for players to discover.

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In the guide below, players will learn how to find Queen Bees in the world of Valheim, and how to obtain the multi-purpose item honey.

In order to find a Queen Bee and get some honey, players will need to search out abandoned structures across the Meadows biome. Thankfully, the Meadows biome is what players first have access to. Players will occasionally be able to find wild beehives in the abandoned homes and towers across the map.

Accidentally running into wild beehives can deal some nasty damage to players, so players should be careful exploring the different structures in the world. While beehives can be destroyed by melee weapons, a bow will do the trick while keeping players safe from harm. Once the beehive is destroyed, check to see if a Queen Bee was dropped.

The Queen Bee is a necessary crafting ingredient to progress in the game, so it will be useful to search out as many as possible while exploring. It is also needed to craft Beehives, which is the best way for a player to get honey.

While honey can sometimes get dropped off wild beehives, there is a better way for players to get this tasty snack. Players can craft their own personal bee farms once they have the workshop. All players will need is a Queen Bee, and 10 pieces of wood.

Since beehives will slowly produce honey over time, and only hold up to 4 pieces at a time, it’s recommended that player build multiple if they can. Once it’s available, players can simply walk up to a beehive and harvest the honey. After eating a piece of honey, players will receive an additional 20 Health and 20 Stamina, as well as 5 HP per tick of healing for 300 seconds. Honey is also necessary to make different mead bases once players have access to the cauldron, so stocking up on honey early will save players some time down the road.

It is important to note that beehives can aggro enemies such as Greydwarves and possibly even Valheim‘s boars. Therefore, players may want to consider building fences around their bee farms to keep them from being destroyed.

This game already engages players with its variety of gameplay, and with Valheim’s planned roadmap, players have even more content to look forward to. Especially considering the game’s popularity, it is almost certain that the game has a long life ahead of it.

Valheim is available now on PC.

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