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The world of Valheim is filled with resources. But there is also a strict weight carry limit for players, which prevents them from carrying too many objects around with them. Considering there are some very heavy objects in Valheim like the Dragon Eggs, a cart can be helpful in carrying all that extra weight around.

Building carts in Valheim is fairly easy. Players will need to have a Forge and a smelter in order to create everything they will need to make a cart of their own. Smelt 1 tin along with 2 copper Valheim bars to make bronze. Once a player has bronze, they will be able to Forge bronze nails from a bronze bar. Each bronze bar makes 20 bronze nails, and players will need ten of these as the first ingredient to make up a cart.

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After the player has made the bronze nails, the crafting recipe for the cart will appear in the crafting menu. Next, players will need to collect 20 regular wood. Thankfully, Valheim players won’t have to look for core wood or fine wood for this particular craft.

While facing the front of the cart, players can interact with the cart’s inventory, moving items from their own inventory to the cart by using the E button. Players can also pull the cart along, bringing it on farming missions and dragging it through all of the different biomes. It does slow down moving and fighting speed, but the cart makes up for its bulk with sheer usefulness. Valheim players can pile massive amounts of resources onto their carts, giving them plenty of inventory space to help build a whole village. The weight of the cart and the amount of things in its inventory can slow down the speed of the cart, making movement and fighting even slower the heavier it gets.

The cart, however, can be damaged and broken while wandering in the world, so be careful not to let it run into terrain like water, or let enemies near it. The cart does not appear to be one of the tools that players can repair in Valheim, so taking good care of the cart is imperative.

Valheim is currently in Early Access, and this information may change as Coffee Stain and Iron Gate AB continue to roll out new updates and changes to this unfinished game. Hopefully, the cart will continue to be as useful as it is today.

Valheim is available in Steam Early Access now on PC.

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