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Surviving the purgatory world of Valheim requires players to collect resources and craft weapons and build homes for protection. Building a home requires several types of resources, including wood, fine wood, core wood and more in Valheim. Once those resources are collected, players can build away, if they know how to get started.

First and foremost, players will want to clear the way for their home. Knock down the surrounding trees and clear out the enemies in the nearby area in order to get the needed supplies and make building as safe as possible. If players have some co-op players joining them in the open world of Valheim, they can also help by clearing and collecting needed materials. After creating an axe, knocking down trees and destroying stumps is possible. Players can also use a hoe to flatten the land out and create a clear canvas to start their home.

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Players will also need to build a workbench, which the Crow pushes them to do rather quickly in the tutorial. The workbench and upgraded workbenches in Valheim are needed to create almost anything but the most basic tools.

Have an idea of what sort of layout will fit everything that players want inside their home. Players will want their crafting stations, workbench, campfire, and storage inside their houses to keep everything together and safe. Ensuring that the structure has room enough for everything will save time by preventing the need to knock down walls and remodel later on.

While some tiles might seem like they could be used in a variety of locations in the home, players should use the designated tiles for their intended purpose. If players use flooring tiles for their roof, they may find the wind will get in through the cracks and put out their hearths. Walls, flooring, and roofing tiles can be combined to create wind- and weather-proof housing that will stand strong against the dangers of Valheim.

When looking over a wall, floor, or ceiling tile, look at it with the hammer tool equipped. The structural stability is indicated by colors; if the wall or other tile lights up blue, it is a most stable it can be. Green is stable, Yellow is slightly unstable, Orange is not good, and Red is really bad. Buildings that are unstable and/or without a proper roof will suffer from degradation and will eventually fall apart.

Incorrectly placed tiles or unwanted objects can be destroyed in Valheim by clicking the mouse wheel on the tile. Make sure the hammer is equipped when dismantling, or it won’t work.

While some sandbox-style games will let players build fires inside their homes without issue, Valheim requires chimneys for indoor fires. Without one, players will quickly suffocate inside their own homes due to the smoke; it’s one of the most common mistakes players make when first playing Valheim. In order to create a vent that won’t allow the wind and weather to put out the hearth, use a rotated roofing tile instead of one that lines up with the rest of the roof. This will create a hole for smoke to pour out without letting weather pour in.

Valheim is available now in Early Access on PC.

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