Valheim First Person Mod Gives Players a New Perspective

While Valheim doesn’t have official mod support, modders continue to find new ways to add mods to the game that let players experience its world in new ways. Some mods have modified Valheim’s in-game states like Valheim Plus which changed weight values, fermenter outputs, etc. Now a new mod could offer players a new way to experience Valheim’s world.

The new first person view mod allows players to experience the world of Valheim from a different point of view with their character. The mod was introduced over the weekend and requires the BepinExPack Valheim mod to work, but is reportedly easy to use after it’s finished installing. The new mod lets players see, move, and even fight in the game world in first-person by using the scroll wheel to zoom in. There are some issues with the mod, but it’s already received various updates to tweak its use in the game.

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Players will be able to walk and run around in the game and can even see their body’s lower half. They can still chop down trees as they usually would but with a closer look at the process before they fall down. Players can set sail on their boats in Valheim and experience their time on the waters firsthand. Players will even be able to fight the game’s enemies with the first person view mod, too.

The first-person mod doesn’t alter what players normally do in the game, but the game might look a little different with the mod in use. Due to the new perspective, players will see more of the game’s pixelated look with the mod. As such, Valheim’s world will still look the same, but a little choppy whenever players get too close to something. Also, Valheim’s combat itself isn’t changed, but the up-close perspective might look weird and potentially affect how some players fight and guard in the game.

However, the new mod doesn’t restrict players to the first-person viewpoint. The mod gives players the option to enter or exit the new perspective at their leisure by zooming back out. So, whenever a player feels that first-person isn’t working for them, they can just zoom back to the game’s original third-person point-of-view, which makes the mod’s new perspective a choice players can actively decide to use or not in Valheim.

While the game wasn’t made to accommodate the first-person view, the new mod allows players to enjoy the world of Valheim in a new way whenever they want.

Valheim is available now on PC.

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Source: PC Gamer