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Valheim forces players to pick up materials and food in the wild in order to eat, build, drink, and survive. Since these materials, enemies, and plants are so important to the game, many may be wondering which resources respawn and how often.

There are several categories of items and NPCs that respawn at different rates. Valheim features things that respawn daily, every few in-game days, after about an in-game week, or not at all. While Irongate has not published the respawn rates of many of the flora and fauna in Valheim, the community at large has put enough time into the game to have calculated many of the these rates fairly accurately.

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It is also noted that the Valheim workbench regardless of upgrades also slows or stops the spawns of most things. This may be a deterrent to keep players from staying too long in one place as the resources nearby will begin to dry up.

  • Raspberries, Blueberries, and Cloudberries: If the bush that these berries grow on remains intact, players can head back to the site in a few days to a week and the fruits should have regrown.
  • Deer and Boar: Both deer and boar drop raw meat, which makes for a great, mid-game food in Valheim when cooked. These animals respawn daily; however, since they do like to walk around, they may not be exactly where they were the day before. Birds seem to follow the same respawn timer as deer and boar, although they do not drop food.
  • Honeybees: It appears that wild bees players have knocked down to collect the Queen Bee to build hives in their Valheim base do not respawn, even if the structure is left alone. However, hives continue to make honey once a player has build them at their base for as long as the bees remain happy.
  • Thistle, Dandelions, Carrot and Turnip Seed plants: Thistle, carrot seed plants, and turnip seed plants all appear to respawn in approximately the same locations, but it take several in-game days to weeks for them to pop up again. Thankfully, thistle grows profusely around the map, and players can replant carrots and turnips to propagate more seeds. Carrots and turnips take about 4,000 to 5,000 seconds to grow after being cultivated on a Valheim farm.
  • Red Mushrooms: Red mushrooms grow all over both the Black Forest and Meadows biomes. These do respawn, but their time to respawn seems to vary. Players may find that mushrooms have respawned a little faster or in a bigger profusion after rain storms, but this may not be the case.
  • Dungeons – Valheim Sunken Crypts, Troll Caves, and Burial Chambers do not appear to respawn anything inside except for Yellow Mushrooms. Enemies, spawners, treasure, Surtling Cores, and other items and enemies found inside do not appear to ever come back.

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  • Enemies – Enemies appear to spawn almost constantly in the areas where players also are. Fulings will appear at night in places where there were none during the day, trolls come back after a few days, and greylings, greydwarves, and their brethren appear in such large numbers that it’s impossible that they do not respawn. That is how players come across so many greydwarf eyes during long playthroughs.
  • Enemy Camps and Spawners: It does not appear that Spawners respawn. Some users on Reddit have claimed that after hundreds of days if players haven’t been in the location for a long time, new Spawners can appear, but this has not been confirmed. This means that once a player has cleaned a Fuling camp of Barley and Flax, they will most likely not find those precious resources or living Fulings there again.
  • Bosses: Bosses will respawn as often as a player would like them to. As long as the player has the correct resources, like the deer trophies for Eikthyr or the withered bones for Bonemass, they can summon the boss as many times as they would like. It appears that only one of each boss can exist in the world at a time, however.
  • Dragon Eggs and Fuling Totems: While the first several bosses are summoned by items that are fairly common to come by, both Moder and Yagluth use what appear to be non-renewable resources. It appears that neither Dragon Eggs to summon Moder nor Fuling Totems to summon Yagluth ever respawn.
  • Flint and Stone- Flint and stone both respawn fairly regularly, so players won’t have to go too far from home to get enough.
  • Ore – Ore does not appear to respawn. While some Reddit users have claimed that ore in areas where players have not been for a long time can reappear, there is no confirmation if this is true or not. If ore does not respawn, however, players should still be able to find enough resources on the map to make and upgrade all the Valheim armor sets and weapons they could wish for.
  • Branches – Branches will respawn almost daily, which is good news for anyone who has recently died, and want to build a weapon or two to go grab their items from their tombstones.
  • Trees – Trees do not appear to regrow in Valheim. While some bushes and smaller plants do, trees need to be replanted in order to have they grow. Fir seeds, oak seeds, and more are sometimes dropped when a player chops a tree down. However, fallen logs and stumps do seem to respawn, but they take more than a week of in-game days to do so.
  • Burial Grounds: Burial Grounds are the Meadows’ version of dungeons. Players can find them by looking for boat-shaped ovals of large rocks in this biome. In the dirt will usually be buried some skeletal remains, sometimes wearing jewelry, and may even have a buried chest or two. These treasures are usually fairly close to the surface. They can be easily found with the Wishbone from Bonemass as well. Just like the Dungeons, these also do not appear to respawn.
  • Chests found in Ruins: Chests can found out and about in the world. They appear in abandoned homes in the Meadows, Draugr-occupied buildings in the Swamps, Fuling camps in the Plains, stone castles in the Black Forests, shipwrecks in any biome, and ruined log cabins in the Mountains. They usually contain arrows, coins for the Valheim trader, valuables, feathers, or resources.

Valheim is currently in Early Access for PC.

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