Valheim Complete Guide for Tips, Tricks, and General Help

Valheim is a brutal open-world multiplayer survival game that throws players into the world of Norse mythology tasked with defeating Odin’s rivals. The game has a crafting system, a huge procedurally generated world, boats to sail on, houses to create, and creatures to defeat.

Valheim is developed by Iron Gate AB and is published by Coffee Stain and is currently only available in Early Access via Steam. Still, the game has been gaining tons of traction recently, selling millions of copies since its release in early February. Considering that new players might have lots of questions about certain aspects of the game, here is a complete guide for Valheim that’s full of useful tips and tricks for all levels of players.

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This section of the Valheim guide will go over how to locate and/or craft certain items and equipment. Here, players will learn things such as how to find copper and leather scraps. If a player is looking for something and can’t seem to find it, this list should help Valheim fans out.

Valheim players that are struggling to find and/or defeat any of the game’s bosses can use this section to get the upper hand. Since the game is still in early access, there are not a lot of bosses to fight, so this list will be updated as more content comes to the game as it gets closer to an official launch.


In Valheim, players can create their dream Viking home with the help of their friends. It acts as a base of sorts, and these tips will help players build a home and other construction-related things.

Several animals can be tamed in Valheim, and these guides below will help players figure out just how to do it.

These general guides will be of great help to players that are just getting started in Valheim. Many elements and features in Valheim aren’t explained fully to the player, so these will help any fans that have questions about early game topics.

Valheim is currently available in Early Access on PC via Steam.

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