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In Valheim, armor is necessary to ensure that a player’s Viking character survives the many battles they will face. While the game does not have a long list of armor sets currently in its Early Access state, players can still make several different kinds of armor, some with set bonuses.

At the beginning of the game as a player’s avatar is dropped into the purgatory world of Valheim, players will have a rag tunic already equipped. Rag tunics can be made in the game as well, if a player happens to lose their starting tunic to an unfortunate death or a Valheim world-crashing bug that wipes a player’s inventory. Until players can make a bow and get used to taking down deer, they can also make a pair of rag pants to match. Each rag item can be upgraded once with a level 2 workbench.

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Rag Tunic:

  • Level 1: Durability 200, Armor 1 – Made from 5 leather scraps at a level 1 Workbench
  • Level 2: Durability 250, Armor 2 – Upgrade costs 5 leather scraps from Valheim boars at a level 2 Workbench

Rag Pants:

  • Level 1: Durability 200, Armor 1 – Made from 5 leather scraps at a level 1 Workbench
  • Level 2: Durability 250, Armor 2 – Upgrade costs 5 leather scraps at a level 2 Workbench

Once players get the hang of the ranged weapon type in Valheim, the bow, and are able to take down deer, they can begin to build a leather set of armor. This set is the first that comes with both a cape and helmet to complete the look and add more armor. The armor can be created with deer hide and leveled up with deer hide and bone fragments from Black Forest Skeletons.

The Leather pants, helmet, and tunic as well as the Deer cape all have the same stats:

  • Level 1: Durability 400, Armor 2
  • Level 2: Durability 450, Armor 4
  • Level 3: Durability 500, Armor 6
  • Level 4: Durability 550, Armor 8

After leather, players have the option to choose heavy Bronze Armor or the lightweight Troll Armor. For the bronze armor, players will have a weight penalty to contend with, but will get maximum protection until they are ready to battle against the second Valheim boss The Elder and then begin farming for iron. The armor set is made with bronze and deer hide and upgraded with bronze only. Bronze armor does not have its own cape, but the deer hide cape should serve well with it.

Bronze plate leggings (-5% movement speed), Bronze plate cuirass (-5% movement speed), and Bronze helmet are all made at the Forge and not the Workbench.

  • Level 1: Durability 1000, Armor 8
  • Level 2: Durability 1200, Armor 10
  • Level 3: Durability 1400, Armor 12
  • Level 4: Durability 1600, Armor 14

The Troll Hide Armor is designed for those looking to sneak up on their enemies and slash with knives for the stealth bonus in Valheim. Each piece of the Troll Hide Armor is made from and leveled with troll hides and bone fragments. If wearing all four pieces, the Troll Leather also grants the wearer a Sneak Bonus stat of +25%. While they don’t offer as much armor as the Bronze, they certainly make up for it by allowing players to move through the woods without a sound. Players also don’t need access to a forge to repair it, either.

Troll leather pants, Troll leather tunic, Troll leather helmet Troll leather helmet:

  • Level 1: Durability 500. Armor 6
  • Level 2: Durability 700, Armor 8
  • Level 3: Durability 900, Armor 10
  • Level 4: Durability 1100, Armor 12

Troll hide cape:

  • Level 1: Durability 500. Armor 1
  • Level 2: Durability 550, Armor 2
  • Level 3: Durability 600, Armor 3
  • Level 4: Durability 650, Armor 4

Once Valheim players get the Swamp Key, they can begin to farm for iron. This will give them the recipe for iron armor pieces. Like the Bronze armor, Iron will give players a lot of defense but will have a movement decrease on both the pants and shirt. Each piece gives a 5% debuff to movement. Once again, this armor is made from deer hide along with smelted iron bars, and they are upgraded with only iron.

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Each of the three pieces of iron armor, Iron Helmet, Iron Scale Mail, and Iron Greaves, give the player:

  • Level 1: Durability 1200. Armor 14
  • Level 2: Durability 1400, Armor 16
  • Level 3: Durability 1600, Armor 18
  • Level 4: Durability 1800, Armor 20

The Valheim Wolf Armor is designed to help players to stay warm in the Mountain Biome and also prevents the Cold debuff while out at night. Unlike the Troll Armor Sneak skill, players only need to be wearing the pants or the cape to get the anti-freezing buff. Neither the pants, the cape, nor the combination of the two will prevent the Cold debuff or freezing when the player is Wet.

Wolf Armor is made with a combination of smelted Valheim Silver ore, Drake trophies, and wolf pelts. All of these things will be found in the Mountain biome, so players should bring along some frost resistance potions to start digging for silver and hunting down wolves. Also, it should be noted that both the Wolf pants and shirt have a movement speed debuff of -5%.

Wolf Armor Legs, Wolf Armor Chest, and Drake Helmet stats:

  • Level 1: Durability 1000. Armor 20
  • Level 2: Durability 1200, Armor 22
  • Level 3: Durability 1400, Armor 24
  • Level 4: Durability 1600, Armor 26

The Wolf Cape made from the hides of wild or tamed wolves in Valheim:

  • Level 1: Durability 1000. Armor 1
  • Level 2: Durability 1200, Armor 2
  • Level 3: Durability 1400, Armor 3
  • Level 4: Durability 1600, Armor 4

Padded Armor is made from linen. This four-piece set can only be made with flax, which is a plant that grows only in the Plains, the most dangerous of the current five biomes. They are made from smelted iron and linen; the shirt and pants have the movement speed debuff as well.

The Padded Helmet, Padded Greaves, and Padded Cuirass:

  • Level 1: Durability 1000. Armor 26
  • Level 2: Durability 1200, Armor 28
  • Level 3: Durability 1400, Armor 30
  • Level 4: Durability 1600, Armor 32

The Linen Cape, which can be crafted in a variety of colors:

  • Level 1: Durability 1500. Armor 1
  • Level 2: Durability 1550, Armor 2
  • Level 3: Durability 1600, Armor 3
  • Level 4: Durability 1650, Armor 4

The Lox cape offers the same level of protect and freezing resistance as the Wolf cape, but is a different color and matches the Padded armor a little better than the Wolf Cape does. It is made with silver and the skins of wild or tamed lox in Valheim. It is also upgraded with lox pelts and silver.

  • Level 1: Durability 1200. Armor 1
  • Level 2: Durability 1250, Armor 2
  • Level 3: Durability 1300, Armor 3
  • Level 4: Durability 1350, Armor 4

Valheim is available in Early Access for PC.

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