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Valheim is a new open-world crafting and survival game with a Viking twist developed by Iron Gate AB. Since its release on early access, the game has been met with considerable success attracting over five million players in its opening month. With varied biomes and epic boss fights, the sprawling archipelagos of Valheim are as dangerous as they are beautiful.

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Like many games with randomly generated landscapes, players have already begun sharing their map seeds some of which are notable for their aesthetic scenery and others for their exceptional start conditions. Seeds are great for veterans and newcomers alike to learn the game’s features with maps that provide large deposits of specific resources or simply make all of the bosses and content easily accessible to the player.

10 An Isolated Island Paradise

Valheim is not the most complex survival game out there, but new players may still find it daunting as they try to figure out how to start building their first Viking settlement.

Using the seed FLOrida will start the player on a small island all to themselves. This is a great spot for unique builds and for newcomers to learn the game’s mechanics. With a little practice and patience, players can create their own seaside village or convert the whole island into a giant fort.

9 An Enormous Central Mountain Range

Players can join each other in multiplayer to overcome challenging bosses and build larger settlements together. However, there is nothing saying that players have to co-operate and the opportunity for PvP is also present.

Mountains are great strategic obstacles for competitive multiplayer, acting as natural barriers and separating players so they can build their own bases and prepare their equipment for mortal combat. The seed nDB9WybzUw creates a world with two large mountain biomes in the dead center of the map, making it an epic battlefield for PvP.

8 An Idyllic Life Farming

Food is a necessity for even the most warlike Vikings, so the player will need to locate, meadows, livestock, and fishing spots early on if they want to survive. These aren’t too hard to find in the early game, however, it is rare that the player will find all three in the same area.

By entering the map seed wVJCZahxX8, the player will spawn in a large, rolling meadow complete with wild boar and a lake for gathering fish. This seed is ideal for those who wish to hang up their battle-axe and settle down for a peaceful life of fishing and agriculture. More aggressive players will find the extra food a great benefit for maintaining their health and stamina.

7 Striking Scenery For Creative Builders

Some players may not want to leap right into combat and boss fights, preferring to focus on the building and constructing their own Viking village or impenetrable castle.

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Using the seed szN8qp2lBn creates a world that may look unremarkable at first. However, the expansive meadows of this map are strewn with beautiful scenery, such as one field with an enormous oak tree in the middle and another that contains the buried remains of a Viking longboat. There are also a few ruins scattered across the world including a whole village that can be repaired to make the players first base (meadows make some of the best base locations).

6 An Easy Way To Find Haldor

Haldor, the ever-elusive merchant of Valheim, sells many useful items such as the fishing rod and megingjord. He exclusively spawns in the black forest biome and how difficult it is to find him will vary from map to map.

Many of the best seeds already include the position of the merchant. However, the easiest one by far is Hu2N5rgDT5. On this map, the player need only walk south and follow the coast from their spawn point and they will find Haldor in the forest close to the beach. Finding the merchant early in the game is a massive advantage as his special items will greatly help with resource gathering and basic survival.

5 An Enormous Black Forest Full Of Tin And Copper

If players want to eventually create better weapons, armor, and workstations, they will need to smelt bronze. This is the only alloy currently available in Valheim and it can be synthesized by melting down copper and tin.

Copper and Tin can both be found in the black forest biome and the map seed AnimeSucks is perfect for gathering plenty of both. This map is covered in expansive patches of black forest and the extra ores players will gain from this landscape should help them to progress much faster in the early game.

4 Crypts Beneath The Swamp

At first glance, swampland can seem to be one of the more unpleasant areas in Valheim. With the player’s movement restricted and shambling, undead creatures attacking from all angles, it may be tempting to avoid swamps, were it not for their precious resources.

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The hidden benefits of swampland are the crypts that can be found within them. Sunken crypts are a brilliant source of scrap iron which players can smelt into proper iron for buildings, weapons, and armor. The seed nkkFzfrNPu generates a map with a large swampland area packed with sunken crypts. Clearing all the crypts in this area will yield enough iron for anything the player may wish to build.

3 A Starting Island With Every Biome

Each of Valheim’s 5 main biomes (there are three other secret biomes as well) offers its own unique resources and monster encounters. Players looking to see all the game has to offer will need to find a way of accessing each biome and often this will require finding the means to travel across water.

The map spawned by entering the seed W2hUEJUEcM conveniently has all of the biomes as well as the first two bosses on the player’s starting island. With all the biomes accessible from the start, the player will have an easy time gathering new materials and crafting better items as needed.

2 All Bosses Close To Spawn

There are five bosses for players to find and defeat in Valheim and some are far easier than others. Often the player will need to utilize every tool at their disposal.

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The map seed HHcLC5acQt is perfect for speedrunners as every boss except one can be found on the starting island as well as every biome. The player will only need sailing for getting to the final boss and since they will only need to cross a narrow channel, a small raft will more than suffice.

1 A Map Blessed By Odin Himself

Not all map seeds have to be random strings of numbers and letters. One intuitive player tried entering map seeds based on Norse mythology and stumbled across a near-perfect map by invoking the name of the All-Father himself.

The map contains every biome on the starting island as well as the trader and all of the bosses except Bonemass. Players who want to kill Bonemass early to acquire the wishbone will only need a basic raft to cross over to his island.  The variety of landscapes and easy boss locations make this possibly one of the best Valheim maps discovered so far and can be accessed by entering the seed Odinisking.

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