Unreleased Destiny 2 Cinematic Shows Zavala at His Most Vulnerable

Destiny 2 launched Season 13, Season of the Chosen, and fans have much to discover in the game once again. A new activity, Battlegrounds, has been added along with new and returning progression systems. These include Seasonal Challenges, reworked Umbral Engrams, and the War Table, which supplements the Hammer of Proving used in Battlegrounds. Meanwhile, the narrative team is making big strides to bring together the various characters of Destiny, some of which had never been seen alongside each other before. As the season continues, the story will take a few twists and turns, which a datamined cinematic shows.

Season 13 of Destiny 2 picked up where Season of the Hunt had left off. With the Hive forces disrupted, Caiatl, the Cabal empress, has arrived in the Solar System in the hope of finding an ally in humanity. Zavala, and the Vanguard, are hesitant because of what the Cabal have previously done. This has set the stage for the next three months where Caiatl’s forces will test humanity on various worlds to see who has the better warriors. Beware of spoilers from this point forward.

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As a mid-season cinematic datamined by user Monteven shows, this war will get dirty in a month’s time. Despite Caiatl and Zavala agreeing to settle their dispute on the battlefield, at least one Cabal Psion will be sent to assassinate Zavala. This will make truce with the Cabal even more improbable if the Psion turn’s out to be one of Caiatl’s, which is currently unproven.

Outside of the climax, this cinematic depicts Zavala like fans had never seen before, and sets an interesting precedent for character pieces such as this in Destiny. Here, the commander is seen taking in the City’s air and reminding himself of how far they’ve come. While contemplating about the steps humanity has taken so far, Zavala is haunted by the image of Uldren Sov, who had instigated one of the strongest character moments of the commander.

For players who aren’t in the know, Uldren Sov was one of the antagonists of the Forsaken expansion. In his crusade, he pillaged The Tangled Shore, desecrated holy Awoken lands, and most importantly killed Cayde-6, one of Zavala’s closest friends and a fan-favorite character. At the end of the campaign, Uldren got his comeuppance and was executed. Later on, he was resurrected as a Guardian, to the surprise of many.

In Season of the Hunt, Uldren made his official return as the Crow. He doesn’t remember who he was and many characters now accept that the Crow is a different person. Despite the the Crow’s genuine attempts at helping Zavala, the commander is unlikely to be welcoming towards him as he still feels the disturbing presence of Uldren Sov while the Crow is in the City.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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