Two Destiny 2 Perks Need to Be Intrinsic on Adept Weapons

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has a variety of weapon perks available in the game. Some perks are more focused on PVE or PVP content, while others are good anywhere. With some weapons having more perks available than other weapons, it’s difficult to find the set of perks that Guardians may be hunting for. Bottomless Grief and Celerity are two perks that could help ease that difficulty by becoming Intrinsic on Destiny 2’s Adept weapons.

The Bottomless Grief perk is available on all the Nightfall: The Ordeal weapons, while Celerity is available on all the Trials of Osiris Weapons. Bottomless Grief and Celerity are also available on the Adept versions of these weapons. The key point of focus for both perks is that the user needs to be the last living member of their fireteam for these perks to activate, making them very situational and rarely active.

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Bottomless Grief will refill the gun’s magazine after each kill, but only when that Guardian is the last living member of their fireteam. While this is a nice thing to have in that situation, it is useless otherwise. Celerity finds itself in a similar situation. When a Guardian is the last living member of a fireteam, the Celerity perk will grant increased target acquisition, handling, and reload speed while also reducing flinch from incoming fire.

Having these perks only be active when the Guardian is the last living member of the fireteam makes them very situational. The Nightfall: The Ordeal and Trials of Osiris weapons are naturally more difficult to get due to time gates on their drop chances. Converting the Bottomless Grief and Celerity perks into Intrinsic Traits on the Adept weapons would increase the value of both the non-Adept and Adept versions of these weapons.

Guardians who are farming for the non-Adept versions of these weapons would have better chances of getting a more desirable set of perks. Making Bottomless Grief and Celerity Intrinsic on Adept weapons would instantly give the Adept versions something that makes them stand out over the non-Adept counterparts. With increased value may come increased desire from Guardians to farm for these weapons and play their corresponding activities.

Guardians hoping for this type of overhaul may look towards Bungie’s recently announced Trials of Osiris overhaul. This could be a good time for Bungie to announce Intrinsic Traits on the Adept Trials of Osiris weapons. Bungie has made no official announcements about changing Bottomless Grief or Celerity perks. Guardians may never see a change to these perks; however, Bungie has taken feedback into account in the past.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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