Twitch Streamer Vinny Vinesauce Speaking With Lawyer After Misconduct Accusations

After a lengthy document is published online accusing Twitch streamer and YouTuber Vinny Vinesauce of using his popularity to engage in sexual relations with his fans, Vinny has decided to seek legal advice moving forward.

Vinny is best known as the creator and first member of the content creation group Vinesauce. Similar to the OfflineTV house, Vinesauce was a collection of streamers and content creators under the same entity, but it has since died down as most of the members began dedicating time to their own channels. Much of Vinesauce’s popular content, especially currently, are the Corruption Videos, where the streamer plays corrupted video games mostly via emulators. But now, Vinny is becoming a big name in the gaming community following sexual allegations against him.

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A few days ago, a Twitter account by the handle VS_Experiences posted a nearly 40-page Google Doc, containing four statements that allegedly corroborate Vinny’s sexual harassment by using his reputation to advance with multiple fans. The document in question contains alleged screenshots and audio recordings, as well as the detailed past encounters of women claiming to have had with Vinny Vinesauce, adding him to the long list of Twitch streamers faced with sexual misconduct allegationsPlease note the video below contains some strong language and language regarding sexual abuse.

In a pre-recorded Twitch stream, Vinny responded to the allegations, saying that he’ll be consulting legal advice to figure out how to move forward. Vinny feels that the published document misrepresents him and his private life, believing it to be made by a person or group of people aiming to hurt Vinny and his career. It’s not new for streamers to claim they’ve done nothing wrong in these situations, but Vinny says he’s “aware there’s real abuse out there” but denies that he’s the one instigating it.

In the recording, Vinny asks his community and others to avoid harassing those involved with this situation, though the poster of the document, VS_Experiences, has remained strictly anonymous.

To many, the most concerning portion of this Google Doc is that Vinny allegedly passed off the HPV virus to others whilst knowing he had it. These experiences with the Monster Hunter Rise streamer date back to 2015, and while they supposedly detail concerning encounters with Vinny in length, many of his followers have pointed out discrepancies in the Google Doc, such as the icon of Vinny’s alleged email account, the writing style, and the voice meant to be Vinny’s in the audio recording.

While some may argue that this is simply a case of mutual consent between two adults, utilizing a position such as Vinny’s to sexually engage with known, dedicated followers, such as one woman who allegedly found him doing an Animal Crossing: New Leaf stream, is considered a form of sexual abuse and is quite concerning, if true.

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Source: Twitter