Twitch Streamer Plays Super Mario World With Voice Commands

Super Mario World is a game beloved by many among those in the Super Mario franchise. The classic entry into the series launched in 1991 in North America and is still considered one of the best Mario games of all time.

To this day the title is still enjoyed, and in a bevy of ways. The Wii and Wii U brought Super Mario World back–and loads of other classics–through Virtual Console, the popular SNES Classic is a nostalgic way to enjoy the game, and Nintendo Switch Online continues to add titles to its library, and Super Mario World is one of them. But one Twitch streamer recently played the game in an incredibly unique way and shared it with his viewers, and his video has started to catch on.

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Twitch streamer Juzcook recently uploaded a remarkable video to his Twitter account in which he completes a level of Super Mario World using voice commands. The video starts with him already partway through Yoshi Island 3. He then voices out commands such as “run right,” “jump,” “jump high right,” and so on and so forth. Each movement is exact and precise, especially given the fact that the level was a plethora of pitfalls in which Mario can fall to his death.

The last sixty seconds or so of the video is very tense as Juzcook takes his time with slow and calculated movements. The platforming here can be rather tricky with standard controls, let alone voice commands. Towards the end, the timer starts to trickle down and it looks like the streamer will run out of time. But Juzcook voices out a final “jump,” “freeze,” “run right,” followed by silence as he watches Mario sprint to the finish and make it to the end with only 2 seconds left. Jucook manages to beat a level in Super Mario World–one of the best video game console pack-in titles ever–with only his voice.

Along with being simply remarkable, many have commented that this type of accomplishment shows a good premise for accessibility in video games. Right now the Hori accessibility controller is available in Japan for the Switch, which would give options for Super Mario World, but speaking to play classic games like Mario would also be a great option. In fact, NES Hands-Free Controller was once made available–not in retail publicly–but through customer service calls only for those who reached out to Nintendo.

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