Twitch Streamer Ludwig Can't Escape His Never-ending Subathon

Sub-a-thons aren’t new to Twitch, though the most recent one has been live for a seven-days straight. One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Ludwig Ahgren, has been live since March 14, and with over 50 hours still left on the clock and an exponentially growing amount of subscribers, it’s clear the stream isn’t ending any time soon.

Last week, Ahgren kicked off a sub-a-thon encouraging as many viewers as possible to subscribe to his channel with a specific rule in place. Starting a timer with 20 seconds on it, the streamer made it so that every person that subscribes to his channel adds 10 seconds to the stream. In exchange, he said he would stream every second of his life until the timer runs out.

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As of this writing the stream has around 56 hours left on the clock, during which Ahgren has spent the time playing games, watching movies, working out, cooking, chatting with other streamers, and more. Many hadn’t expected the stream to continue for a week straight, though it only took one night for the streamer to become the most-watched person on Twitch. That night, the clock made a crazy jump up from 18 hours to over 27 hours.

None of this is against the site’s Terms of Service, as Twitch community guidelines only expect streamers to take proper precautions to ensure their stream and chat are being monitored. When awake, Ahgren games with friends, with his team of moderators doing their part as well as running videos chosen by the community while the streamer is asleep. With as smoothly as things have gone, the stream has the means to continue indefinitely, or at least until the streamer finally calls it.

There is no telling when this stream will end since Ahgren has 1.9 million followers, in addition to a combination of his dedicated subscribers and gift subscriptions farmed by the chat that add time to the clock when convenient. One small incident could put an end to it all, as Twitch has already acknowledged it is keeping a close eye in case anything starts going awry.

In any case, it’s incredible to see Ahgren’s determination in delivering content to his audience. Twitch is known for being a place of intimacy between a streamer and their followers, especially in the past year with COVID-19, so for one streamer to go this far is really cool to see. At this rate, Ahgren is well on his way to making Twitch history.

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