Top 10 Strongest Units That You Can Get For Free In One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise is not an easy game for beginners. There is a lot of content that is almost impossible to beat especially if you are a new free-to-play player. So, the best bet for the newer players is to get their hands on the units that are available for free.

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Many of the free units are easy to obtain and require no arduous effort. Even the neophytes can gain access to them. In this list, we will cover the top ten units in the popular One Piece gacha game that are available for free.

10 Treasure Map Law Is Heavily Used On Teams Because Of His Short Cooldown And Due To Having Corazon Support

Treasure Map Trafalgar Law is a very good unit with a very short cooldown. When he is maxed out, his special starts at 8 turns, which can be easily triggered twice in a single run.

Law’s special reduces bind and despair by two turns, which can go up to 4 turns if you use Corazon support. He also changes adjacent orbs and his own orb into matching orbs. He also adds 0.7x to the chain multiplier and to top it all up, he reduces cooldown for four different classes.

9 Hody Jones Is An Underrated Unit That Takes Care Of Three Debuffs

Hody Jones is a very useful character and is often overlooked by many players. He might not be a fan favorite, but he is solid as a unit.

Hody provides a 20% HP cut on one enemy. Plus, he also reduces bind, despair and silence by 5 turns. He is a very good unit and he’s mostly used on Kaido teams.

8 Coliseum Neptune Has Been An Ever Present Unit Since Its Release

At the time of his release, Neptune was arguably the best F2P unit in the game, and it is fair to say that he is still used in teams. Neptune’s special reduces despair, attack down, and resilience by 5 turns.

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He also reduces the defense of enemies and provides a 1.75x orb boost for Cerebral and Powerhouse for 3 turns. His support ability is also pretty good.

7 Reiju Removes Shields And She Is A Great Conditional Attack Booster

Since her release, Reiju has seen a lot of play in different teams. Reiju is a Treasure Map unit and she belongs to the INT color.

Like most free-to-play units, the main attention of Reiju as a unit is her special. She removes two different shields on the enemies by 5 turns, and she changes  BLOCK orbs into Matching orbs. Plus, if the captain is QCK or INT, she poisons the enemy and boosts the damage against poisoned enemies by 1.75x.

6 Jimbei Has Great Use As Sub. He Removes Silence And Paralysis By 7 Turns

Treasure Map Jimbei was recently released on the Global version of One Piece Treasure Cruise. He’s easily one of the better Treasure Map units in the game.

Jimbei reduces paralysis and silence duration by 7. Jimbei was made to work as a sub on Luffy/Sanji teams. Both function at their best when the HP of the crew is above 99%. If the HP of the crew is above 99%, Jimbei boosts the color affinity of STR, PSY, and INT by 2x. Otherwise, you get a 1.75x boost, which isn’t bad either.

5 Kizuna Buggy Will Become Even Better In The Future As Free Spirit Class Continues To Dominate

Kizuna Buggy was released on the Global version of One Piece Treasure Cruise a few months back. Surprisingly, Buggy is a good unit and he sees play on several teams.

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He takes care of three of the most common debuffs in the game. Buggy reduces bind, despair, paralysis by 5 turns. He will also change all orbs into matching orbs if your captain is a free spirit character. The other half of his special is a bit restrictive as sometimes the players won’t be using a free spirit captain.

4 Raid Zoro Has Been A Staple Of Many Teams Over The Years And Continues To Be So

Next up on the list is Zoro, who is one of the strongest fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is one of the few old units that are still relevant in the game. Raid Zoro is the best Zoro unit in the game. He has managed to survive for so long in the game with his packed special.

Zoro removes threshold damage and percent damage by 5 turns. In addition to the removal of defense, Zoro provides color affinity for slasher and driven characters depending on the crew’s current HP.

3 Released During The Stampede Celebration On Global, Sabo Is A Crucial Part Of PSY Teams

He was a part of the Stampede movie event. A lot of players might have missed him on his first appearance, but now he has been made a permanent part of the game. Sabo is used mainly as a sub, but he is not bad as a captain, especially for Treasure Map stages.

With his special, Sabo reduces attack down and burn by 5 turns. He also boosts the color affinity of STR, DEX, and PSY characters by 1.75x for 2 turns. Plus, he makes all color orbs matching for STR, DEX, and PSY characters. To get the most out of his special, Sabo is best used on a mono color team.

2 Invasion Raid Boss Charlotte Linlin Removes Many Annoying Debuffs Whilst Providing An Attack Boost

Charlotte Linlin is one of the most heavily utilized F2P units in the entire game. She was introduced as the fourth invasion boss in the game. Her special is absolutely insane. She removes attack down, bind, and despair by 6 turns, which is huge.

They are easily the three most popular debuffs in the game and having one character remove all three is amazing. She also gives 3 RCV orbs and boosts the attack of Driven and Powerhouse characters by 2.25x, which comes into effect after the 12th hit in the chain. Her usage has gone down recently as Driven is no longer a good class, however, she remains an extremely good unit.

1 Sanji/Nami Is The Only Unit In The Game That Removes Stun

Sanji/Nami is one of the many Treasure Map units that are actually usable in the game. The unit boosts the attack of Free Spirit and Fighter by 4x, which is great for a unit that the players can get for free.

They reduce silence by 5 turns and completely remove stun duration. Nami/Sanji is the only unit in the game that can remove stun, and it makes them extremely valuable. They also provide a 2x orb boost for Free Spirit and Fighter characters.

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